Franky tries to recruit Maxine into her gang but she refuses. So, if Franky and Erica were to run into each other on the outside, would sparks be rekindled? For all of the international viewers who are kind of just tuning into the show on Netflix and kind of getting to know your character, was there something specific that drew you to the role of Erica Davidson? In a shocking final scene, Ferguson is seen being buried alive by Will Jackson. His screams alert the guards of the situation. Yeah, I guess with any character, you have to find a common ground and each role requires something different.

Vera notices that the blood patterns from when Bates was stabbed are inconsistent, leading her to find the drop box. So, they could do whatever they want. Retrieved 13 October The murder was accidental as Franky thought Jacs had grabbed her from behind so stabbed the person in defense. Bea refuses unless he helps her exact revenge against Brayden. Franky then meets up with her sister and tells Bridget that she won’t see her for a while.

The scene was when Franky stated “I erixa eat sausage. Season Two United Kingdom Wentworth: Ferguson punishes the entire prison for Franky’s drug trafficking by forcing them to watch as the garden project is bulldozed. Franky finds out that Maxine is working with Bea, passing on information and smuggled in a shiv.

And Franky and Bridget live happily ever after? I mean, she seems very timid and perhaps career driven. Will attempts to resign out of fears that he will attack Fletch but Ferguson refuses to accept his resignation.


And to be honest, I only found that out a couple of days ago. From a young age, Franky had a hard upbringing.

She has Boomer perform oral sex on him in exchange for setting up a supply route to bring drugs into the prison. She is reluctant, but out of fear for her family’s safety she rigs an electric wentwworth trap in Bea’s cell.

I started in the industry when I was Retrieved 18 June I attempted to go back on the other night and that was fun, but I just never know what to write! This is my mission.

Bea refuses unless he helps her exact revenge against Brayden. His screams alert the guards of the situation. As he tries to rape her, Franky grabs a garden fork and stabs the man in the genitals.

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Retrieved 13 October Only with something like Star Warswhich obviously has a massive fan base, so that for me is where television goes. Ferguson, after listening to a conversation between Simmo and her husband, is aware of the situation. Liz is released from prison wentwotth moves into a halfway house. Retrieved 15 July Franky learns that her partner, Kim, will be leaving Wentworth as her parole has been approved.

In season six, Franky is still on the run and desperate to prove that she did not kill Mike Pennisi or Iman Farah and seeks the help of Bridget Westfall. Arriving at the Holts’ garage and holds Brayden at gunpoint.

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A college grad with a B. Vera notices that the blood patterns from when Bates was stabbed are inconsistent, leading her to find the drop box. In the commotion, Boomer retrieves the drug supplies from the project before the officers find them. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Ferguson offers Bea a form of alliance. Fletch becomes suspicious of how new inmate, Kelly, and Ferguson know each other.


Retrieved 10 October As active as my mind is, I like to keep my body the same way. Franky sees an opportunity in Maxine, trying to hire her as a henchman. Franky takes advantage of the garden project, organising a male inmate from Walford wentwprth to import drugs in return for sseason sex from Boomer. Simmo’s husband insists that she murder Bea as per the seaon by the Holts, otherwise he will be killed.

Nicole da Silva has been nominated for awards for the role of Franky Doyle.

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Australian Writers’ Guild Awards Retrieved from ” https: A new Korean inmate erifa doesn’t speak English arrives. This causes friction between Franky and Bea.

Retrieved 6 August Jess helps Doreen hide the truth by smuggling her a sample of her own urine.