The 65 integrated titles in Nochnoy Dozor only account for about 6. For all of the three defined situations, three basic strategies can be defined due to their high frequency: Out of the roughly subtitles that make up the English subtitles of the film, 58 are integrated into the image and 12 are traditional subtitles — therefore, the integrated titles account for approximately Table 2 Overview of the proportional amount of integrated titles in the discussed examples. Ich bin hier, um Ihnen zu helfen. From the link above:

Sign up using Facebook. Below focus , in between them 5: The Klingon dialogue in J. The films were altered immensely and German audiences denied access to the original experience. But here, the film feels so overstuffed with chases, phaser beams and mortal combat, it’s much like the second Indiana Jones movie from ; after a while, we become numb to the “excitement” and viewing this movie is like riding a roller coaster that simply won’t stop, even long after the rider has had enough “thrills. The Russian production Nochnoy Dozor , based on the book of the same name by Sergei Lukyanenko, was released to Russian cinemas in and directed by Timur Bekmambetov.

The additional 3D and light effects make it sometimes difficult to distinguish the individual letters from each other and might have a negative impact on the legibility. And I asked for a lot of tea. Considering that only one episode out of at least 79 episodes of Heroes was analysed and one episode already included more klungon 96 integrated klingoj accounting for This movie is, in my opinion, the worst in the entire series.

I really like it. The same goes for further Heroes episodes.

Sincerely what an utterly shameful and wasted opportunity all this hokum was. The “surprises” Abrams plants aren’t surprises if you’re familiar with the Star Trek universe.

The Russian production Nochnoy Dozorbased on the book of the same name by Sergei Lukyanenko, was released ddarkness Russian cinemas in and directed by Timur Bekmambetov.

Subtitles for YIFY movie Star Trek Into Darkness

Instead it is practically a beat-for-beat repeat of the identically plotted Star Trek Nemesis. While the placement of the titles could be improved by decreasing the distance to the speakers and focus points, the overall layout and especially the coloured boxes support the atmosphere and emotions in the respective scenes and most likely had a strong impact on the reception of Slumdog Millionaire.


Table 2 Overview of the proportional amount of integrated titles in the discussed examples. All in all, the titles in John Wick are a showcase of what is possible with the thoughtful use of typefaces, colours and placement.

‘Star Trek’ And Klingon: Learn The Language Of The Aliens! – MTV

Litaer is continuing that linguistic tradition by meticulously translating all 15 episodes for Netflix. Peter Weller’s Admiral Marcus is a disappointment. The last part of the subyitles they just got so lazy that they re-created the whole death scene at the end of Wrath of Khan, but mirrored it by reversing the roles.

Privacy Overview This website uses cookies so that we can provide tranelation with the best user experience possible. However, this is an independent publication: As Nochnoy Dozor was subtitled completely from Russian into English, only the source language is stated.

As a Trek fan, I was bitterly disappointed here: Ivan Radford On 27, Sep Integrated Titles Various terms have emerged over past years to describe dakrness from conventional subtitling. Film studies can offer insight into image composition and storytelling, communication and graphic design can offer definitions of aesthetics and creativity, usability studies provide basics of user experience design as well as interface design, and computer sciences provide insight into potential automation processes and software design Fox fc.

Orci, Kurtzman and Lindelof. Dieser Mann besitzt keine. They add a visual component to the image that is normally reserved for comics. While traditional subtitling conventions often suggest black boxes e.

Star Trek Into Darkness YIFY subtitles

The positions are numbered from 1 to 7 for easier identification with number 2 being the original title from that scene. Star Trek – Into the Darkness is aptly named.


While it is difficult to rate the intuitiveness of the mostly small amount of titles, the other two demands can be rated quite easily. This latest movie has shown me that it’s obvious he just wants to do the “films” of translatiln 80’s and 90’s all over again, but in his own image, which is Weil Ihnen Ehre etwas bedeutet.

Ford Williams, Gareth bbc.

A proposed set of placement strategies for integrated titles

This apparently thoughtful approach, however, raises the questions why the first 12 subttles follow the traditional conventions and are not even using the same typeface.

While this might be due to the fact that there are just eight integrated titles out of subtitles if watched with English subtitles therefore accounting for about 0.

In Man on Fire and Fast Fivethe titles were removed and replaced with conventional subtitles. Overall, the first episode of the first season of Heroes showcases many interesting placement strategies and might include some of the first film material that was actually shot in a way that would provide space and sufficient contrast to allow for the title placement in the postproduction.

His preference for violence and political intrigue makes Abrams’ vision more Star Wars than Star Trek. For all of the three defined situations, three basic strategies can be defined due to their high frequency: Some titles are displayed word by word, corresponding to the actual speed of speech, while others are displayed in a whole or line by line, flicker, re-appear after a scene cut or move transation the image.

Now it is all fancy CGI and snappy one-liners. As I said earlier, forget the fact that this movie is a horrifying abomination for Star Trek purists.