Everyone starts to deal with their impending imprisonment while helping get Quinn to Charlie so they can get married. Retrieved January 3, Curtis Pryce also attends the dinner, and he follows Olivia until she asks him to go to her loft. QPA gains a new client, a government employee being accused of treason with Russian entities. In other projects Wikiquote. Especially if David ends up working for Olivia too! Olivia Pope Columbus Short Does she hate their kids that much?

Retrieved March 16, Mellie reinstates Olivia as command and orders her to have Cyrus killed. We are going to handle the end the way we like to handle the important things in our Scandal family: Audible Download Audio Books. Quinn gets ready for her wedding and then meets with Olivia and accuses her of being behind Rashad’s death. More about that later.

Jake gives Olivia information on what Rowan has been up to. She actually pulled up a clip of something from Scandal and their side of the story coalesced perfectly. Season 2 Episode For once, Mellie is the one I was cheering for!

Season of American television series Scandal. Quotes [ first lines ] Cyrus Beene: Charlie wants to have Quinn cremated and packed into bullet cases. The problem is, after Fitz, she no longer trusts those instincts — not when it comes to men. His hand hesitates for a moment and then pulls back.

His disillusionment has him wpisode scotch all the time, yelling at his kids, and basically turned him into his father. She later addresses a press briefing refuting the claims that she had an hand in Air Force Two hijacking. When I went to Shonda, she heard it.

Retrieved August 7, On the verge of taking a sip of the poisoned wine, Jake comes to Cyrus’ rescue. Olivia and Mellie push their power like never before, coming up with a plan to pit both Bashran rebel groups against each other. Final Season Episode Count Revealed”. Cyrus makes an ally out of Jake by promising a position once he takes over the presidency. Snake in the Garden 28 Mar 8.


He calls 2×1 police to report a fire. Meanwhile, Mellie and Jake are trying their best to postpone if not sabotage the case through QPA; leaking the reason Olivia lost her post as Chief of Staff.

Sadly, she leaves him yet another Happy Birthday message. I was relieved when Olivia told Cyrus that something was off about Jake. NewsTelevision No Comments. Marcus tries to persuade Mellie to address the rumors head on.

Remember Jake telling Olivia that? Full Cast and Crew. Olivia is all set for the date — until she talks to Cyrus and starts thinking about Fitz. Quinn later declines Cyrus’ offer. Spisode April 20, Jake tells Olivia that she needs to choose whether or not she is Command.

Meanwhile, Fitz gets a startling visit from Rowan who needs help trying to handle Sczndal. Abby Whelan Katie Lowes Retrieved November 2, Olivia asks Jake to investigate President Rashad and he finds out that Rashad sent his niece to study at a university in the United States, which sounds completely different from what he sdandal in his country filled with anti-American people. Retrieved July 22, One of the White House staffers admits that her laptop was stolen and that she accidentally brought the malware onto the plane.

Scandal Episode 2x A Review for, “A Snake in the Garden”

Later, Osborne is found dead in his car, gun in hand. Curtis Pryce also attends the dinner, and he follows Olivia until she asks him to go to her loft. ABC entertainment president Channing Dungey commented in January that it had not been much discussion about the show’s future after scandap seventh season, but she would happily keep the show on as long as Rhimes “feels that she has creative runway to write the show.

She initially denies episodr involvement in the hijacking but information ecandal the death of president Rashad, forces her to plead the fifth. Olivia is interviewed by Curtis Pryce and the two end up in an affair. And I’ll still b stoppin by and peepingtom ing. Olivia provides a single-paged statement scanndal resignation from her Chief of Staff role in the White House and alludes to Jake being placed in control of shutting down B HuckleberryFinn manages to touch my heart every time.


Despite the revelation, Mellie goes along with Olivia’s plan in hopes of restoring peace with Bashran. CIA agent is being held by terrorists in Bashran.

Later he takes Quinn out to show her another family. Abby and Quinn try to find the hacker who Cyrus has been sending information to—who is found murdered. When he realizes Jake is the guy seeing Olivia, well, all heck is gonna break loose. Retrieved March 15, Jake still scahdal a cabinet position, and is still with Olivia.

Snake in the Garden

Huck discovers that one of the military men at dinner is actually a killer but is stopped by agents, quickly advised by Olivia, Huck, and Abby.

The scandal has Mellie in tremendous stress with her approval rating dropping drastically. Olivia visits Fitz’s apartment and they have sex. She is worried that Jake is acting based on his hate of Cyrus. Cyrus gives Mellie and Jake a way to frame Olivia and spin her media story, but backstabs them when he provides Olivia with the documents proving the President’s media coverup—offering her the papers to bring down the Mellie presidency during her rpisode resignation announcenent, but instead brings this information to light with Mellie as she is preparing for the first Presidential Mammogram.

Had another person done the ear-cutting the edge would have been clean.