The paper also provide an assessment of the impact of English which explains the adoption of English names or English-Thai Hybrids, and the assimilation of western cultural dimensions by the indigenous population of Thailand who use English as a foreign language. In this page, the context is when Kugy asked by Ojos to go to Holiday, but Kugy says that she doesn t has much money. It is familiar in Indonesian. It is caused by the situation that demands language mixing and by the habitual of the speakers become one of the backgrounds of code mixing usage. Menyingkap Dua Hari Tergelap di Tahu She tries to hide her feeling in front of Noni when she says that Keenan expresses his love to Wanda in Bandung.

Maudy was offered the lead role. The factors are popular term usage and humor. The factors of the use of code in this statement mixing are popular term using and conversation partner. In a depressed mood, creativity paint Keenan deadlocked. The context of the sentence is when Wanda s face becomes red when Eko says that Wanda s style is like Kugy, it looks so untidy. Besides, actually Perahu Kertas is not only published in a kind of novel, but also it in a movie.

In Marchshe was appointed a spokesperson against modern slavery at the Vice Presidential Lemgkap in Jakarta. The word stuck means there is no way to go. Kugy blames Kevin s joke, because Kevin always think that organization and event in campus is a priority.

Maudy said in terms of appearance, she is very girly but not overly feminine, which is in contrast to the style of her character.

Pilik had died, his house was destroyed due to some real estate development. It is because choosing types and language speech level based on partner consideration. Those are used He, She, It, and They.

The word launch in advertising side has a meaning as publishing the new products. Remigius says to Keenan that he loves Keenan s painting, and appreciates it. It can be believed that most of the readers of this novel know the meaning of this lengkzp.


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Because usually she wear casual clothes, and this time Karin changes Kugy to be elegant. The word pose is included into verb. The writer expresses her or his written work by using one of the language phenomenon as has been shown above, is code mixing. In sociolinguistics, the word socio is the main aspect and the general characteristic of the study. Other than English for in International communication. The data are in forms of word, phrase, clause, repetition of word, idiom, and baster.

Although the four of them remained good friends, Kugy and Keenan secretly fell in love with each other. The word nerd means people who like to reed many books. The code mixing word level written by the author is word privacy as a noun. Study is not priority, but organization is a priority. Classifying the data into six levels of code mixing, there are word, phrase, clause, reduplication, idiom, and baster. The examples of using code mixing are written bellow.

The sentence above is uttered by Kugy to Keenan who would like to go to Bali for painting, and Kugy wants Keenan to bring many handy crafts for her. While, in Perahu Kertas novel on page the word booking means taking someone for accompanying go to somewhere.

It is caused by function and aim which is used in communication based on the aim of communication. She launched her first album Panggil Aku Call Me last year and just for fun, also uses YouTube to post videos of herself singing.

The researcher employs a descriptive text as the data. It is uttered when Noni feels upset to Eko because he. The code mixing of word level here is taken from word Popcorn. Those are word level, phrase level, clause level, baster level, reduplication level, idiom level. Contoh Karya Tulis Ilmiah Profile: In this research, researcher uses deductive because she will analysis qualitative content analysis. He found Kugy and they finally had their moment of truth.



The sentence above is located on page in the chapter 17 by the tittle Tiga Kata Saja. Code Naam of Phrase Level: It can be meant that language and societies are influenced each other. The sentence above is located on page 83 specifically in chapter ten by the tittle Kurator Muda.

After the process of data reduction, the whole data of English-Indonesia code mixings that are found by the researcher in Perahu Kertas novel are In bilingual society, the speaker who. Indonesian prefers to use lip-sync than bernyanyi tanpa suara.

Then additive bilingualism is other language additional besides using first language to add knowledge, cognitive and children linguistics. Sociolinguistics is a kertad of linguistics that studies something particularly significant between language and social community Wardaugh: People sometimes switch or mix code within a domain or social situation, speaker may similarly switch or mix another language as a signal of group membership and shared ethnicity with addressee, even speakers who are not very proficient in a second language may use brief phrases and words for peraju purpose Holmes, Maudy was offered the lead role.

The code mixing word level written by the author is word background. Besides, the speaker uses code mixing because of legnkap and informal situation.