Afterwards, Tamaki and Takuma head to the school to hide, but Takuma’s heart is slowly succumbing to his powers. It is later explained that she has to continue the role of the ancestor Tamayori Princess to seal the sword Onikirimaru with the help of her five Guardians. Later, when Takuma, Mahiro, Yuuichi and Shinji finish taking their baths, Tamaki becomes embarrassed when she sees them in their towels. At the third seal ground, Takuma and Mahiro confront an angry mountain god, who leaves with a warning after the two tell him to be patient. Drei, with his attacks dispelled by Tamaki, later manages to obtain the Onikirimaru and prepares to attack Aria. This causes Takuma to lose control and grab hold of Tamaki.

After seeing this, Aria tells the Logos to retreat for now. You can help by adding to it. The next day after school, it was informed that the barrier of one of the seal grounds has been tampered with. Tamaki and Takuma decide to take matters in their own hands instead. Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju — Reikenzan: As Tamaki later performs the ceremonial offering using the Onikirimaru, she realizes that Takuma is also going to be a sacrifice. Tamaki recalls the battle at the second seal ground at school.

They all go back into the epiode to find Suguru, only for him to tell them to go back home. Second Chapter”aired between October 1, and December 23, Ashiya arrives to reveal that Tamaki as the Tamayori Princess will inevitably die to completely seal the Onikirimaru.

As Suguru later greets Tamaki, Takuma, Mahiro and Yuuichi episide home, they realized that Shinji has run off somewhere in the forest. Takuma transforms into an oni with full control of his powers and is able to defeat Eins in one hit. After briefly running into Ashiya, Tamaki tells Takuma and Mahiro about what she found out about the book densohu read, though Takuma and Mahiro tell her not to stress out about it.

When she is attacked by three drowned gods, she but is saved by a surly boy named Takuma Onizaki by having her recite incantations to ward off the drowned gods, before the two make it to the shrine. Tamaki and Aria exchange the promise episkde they both will not hold back when they meet again for their next battle.

Hiiro him Kakera Aizouban: Meanwhile, Shizuki suspends Takuma from the village and places Tamaki under house arrest under Mitsuru’s surveillance, given the situation with Takuma’s current condition. Eins, recalling his past of when his wife was killed by thugs on a snowy day, is tamayoi by Drei that Takuma has taken the Onikirimaru from the shrine.


After school on the way to the village, Tamaki learns about the hobbies of the five Guardians. Meanwhile, Mahiro explains to Yuuichi and Shinji that he should be used as a sacrifice due to his bloodline of the Raven during the battle against the oni foretold in the legend. When Tamaki catches up to Takuma, she is shocked to find him slowly transforming into an oni during a fierce match against Eins.

Takuma and Mahiro encourage Tamaki to come to the storehouse to continue their research on the history of the Tamayori Princess. The next two games were released in and the PS2: Takuma retrieves and unleashes the Onikirimaru, which nearly transforms him into an oni, that is until Tamaki commands him to calm his powers in order for him to wield this sword.

On the school roof, Tamaki finds her Guardians, but Takuma and Mahiro are mad at her for letting Aria take the Mirror after the Logos defeated them, which sends her into depression.

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The fact that Tamaki could unlock the warehouse and can hear a voice from touching a book proves that she is the next Tamayori Princess. While in the forest filled with red leaves at sunset, Tamaki tells Takuma that she wishes him hije be by her side forever. Shizuki dies after apologizing to Tamaki for deceiving her in performing the ceremonial offering. However, the Logos survive the incantations and easily subdue the Guardians.

Unlimited Blade Works Hetalia: Tamaki wishes that she would awaken her powers as soon as possible, since Ashiya predicts that the Guardians will be killed if the two remaining Artifacts are taken away.

Drei vanishes when Fiona arrives, and Fiona reveals herself as Vier before leaving. Retrieved from ” https: Takuma breaks into the storehouse to free Tamaki. Tamaki shares her vision of the Guardian and the Tamayori Princess, convincing Mahiro, Yuuichi and Shinji that Takuma is not a monster.

Meanwhile, an impatient Drei asks Suguru to lead him and Zwei to the Onikirimaru, but the three of them encounter Mahiro and Yuuichi on their way. Mahiro, Yuuichi and Shinji manage to find Tamaki, but Takuma keeps his guard up when he sees the three. Shinji goes into the forest and pleads to Vier to take him to see Aria at the hideout. However, Tamaki uses her powers to enhance the strength of her Guardians, which allows them to finally obliterate Drei once and for all.

Ashiya tells Tamaki that Suguru’s defection to the Logos was predicted by the Bureau of Medicine, but Takuma tells Ashiya to leave, still not trusting what he says.


Meanwhile, Vier reveals to Suguru that she is a homunculus who was formed to look like his mother. It is shown that Ashiya and Ryou are working together to keep a close eye on Shinji. At a school stairway, Tamaki trips off a step, but she epizode caught by Shinji Inukaiwho is the fifth Guardian.

Kanetsugu to Keiji Meganebu! The following day at the school roof, Tamaki worries when Takuma did not come to school, but he later arrives, much denshiu her relief.

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Mitsuru informs Tamaki that the ceremonial offering will start at sunset. The five Guardians thank Tamaki for her help. After the Guardians do not fare uiiro against the Logos, Tamaki recites incantations to assist the Guardians in defeating the Logos.

After school the next day, Takuma, Mahiro and Yuuichi struggle to find a name for Tamaki’s pet kitsunebut Tamaki ends up naming it O-chan.

A second season, Hiiro no Kakera: Takuma manages to retrieve the Onikirimaru and escape with Tamaki from the shrine into the forest. Eins finds Tamaki and Takuma in the forest and prepares to attack them, but he is stopped by Ryou and decides to fall back.

After the three tell Shinji that Mitsuru Kotokuraa maid who works at the shrine, was depressed after Shinji previously left the village, Shinji reveals that he left the village in order to manifest his powers through training.

While the Guardians struggle against Eins, Ashiya tells Tamaki and Ryou that the power of the Onikirimaru should be used for absolute justice. The series is directed by Bob Shirohata and produced by Studio Deen. Mahiro reveals that the Logos can easily pass through the barrier because it has weakened, since Shizuki, as the Tamayori Princess foretold in the legend, is slowly dying due to her old age. Suguru eventually find Shinji, aware that he betrayed the Guardians.

The next day after school, it was informed that the barrier of one of the seal grounds has been tampered with.

When Kiyono Takara arrives at the shrine, Ryou tells her that Tamaki is confined in the storehouse. While searching at the first seal ground, Tamaki is attacked by more drowned gods, prompting the Guardians to protect her from danger. Tamaki hears Takuma apologize to himself for failing to protect her.