CJ I think you’re getting high on that country air, man! CJ, Sweet and his girl get out. It’s a Glendale with a different texture-which is of a broken car. CJ Hey, man, what you strapped for? The Ghost Car IS a mod. CJ Man, I ain’t never seen the Ballas roll that deep before.

There is a lack of evidence to support this claim. Not that old school Emmet bullshit neither! This myth is about small black dots or streaks that fall at a very excessive speed from the sky at night all around San Andreas. Woozie and the other three people go. He’s been yapping on about that graffiti, too. You’ve probably heard the saying that insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. CJ I think you’re getting high on that country air, man!

May be just my imagination, but still. This myth is also the one that did not get much support – in fact, it all has started with a video uploaded onto YouTube infeaturing CJ in his living room looking around when the black girl appears from the television in the corner and disappears a second later. If you go to The Big Spread Ranch strip club in Bone County and attempt to kill everyone inside, a guard will spawn in a corner after everyone is dead trying to kill you.

Posted February 11, Hernandez is outside the car having a piss. Leatherface has been proved to be a pedestrian who spawns with a chainsaw in the Mission ” The Meat Business ” and is believed to have been used by Rockstar Games outside of that mission. No more information can be found at the haunting grounds themselves.


The strange sound can be heard during rainy weather on the first version of the game as a glitch.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Game Script for PlayStation 2 by Omah – GameFAQs

Bigfoot is one of the most popular myths associated with the game. CJ Hang back a while, see what’s what.

CJ Hey, I’ll catch you later. But remember something, real strength comes from within, my brother. Every word he said came true. That puts them on level with Leatherface and the Loch Ness Monster, so it’s generally safe to assume that any GTA ghost you hear of is less ectoplasm and more hot air.

On screen Get into the farm and steal the combine harvester. CJ gets into a taxi. Things are going pretty well for you, Carl. CJ You know I just got off the plane! Ah ha ha ha! Emmet, on the other hand, ain’t got shit. And try not to park us up a tree or something. There is insufficient evidence for this myth to be confirmed.

29 Awesome GTA 5 Easter Eggs

OK, but you’re starting to freak me out with all that space shit, man. CJ A’ight, come on. No crack ever made a gang tight.


CJ As long as he treats her right. What the hell were you thinking?

Things is fucked up. I got some money to Tenpenny, Pulaski and Hernandez enter. He hears voices from when he was younger. I’m back with a new “Theory” or “Myth Activator” Sorry for the mistakes.

CJ The garage is on the waste grounds in Doherty. We gotta get outta here! Edited August 5, by Samil. Now down on your stomach. Although many people try to connect the skip with the wheelchair, It is obvious that Rockstar Games did not bother to create a new texture dedicated to this simple useless model, the skip texture appeared rusty, so that used that instead of creating a new one.

On screen You’ve trapped a girl voicds the burning building. I never thought I’d see that.

I treat her good. How you going to prove you’re sorry?

29 Awesome GTA 5 Easter Eggs – IGN

The dark figure looks very similar to a horroe pedestrian from San Fierro which has a sign that reads “God is playing with us! Tenpenny takes the bag off CJ’s head. I did the missions whilst recording them on my VCR.