Retrieved 13 August It happened in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in minutes. What you NEED to realize instead is that these weapons are real. The indiscriminate destruction of sivilians total war is a crime against humanity and the responsible people should have been trialed. That bomb wasn’t necessary, as no other war is necessary. The governments of these nations cannot be relied on to ‘think-responsibly’ if it came to the question of the governments own survival. Retrieved 9 August

When the US captured Japanese points in the Pacific, the military and civilians were instructed to commit suicide as opposed to being captured. Lets hope it does not ever happen again Do you think they were using it for peaceful purposes? But the military, who were the one that started the war, went even more fanatical with total refusal of negotiation or surrender. Japan was well underway to capitulation with the naval blockade and the Soviet invasion of Manchuria. The atomic bombings killed around , It is startling that the technology has proliferated to nations like North Korea, Iran, Pakistan and now According to surveys made amongst Japanese military, royalty and civilians, Japan would’ve surrendered in December at the latest.

Do they show you this in USA or only the good news?

Retrieved 13 July That, I guess, is not as sexy as, at the time, a new piece of technology. How many of you ‘pro-nuke’ Americans have visited other countries and looked in their history books? Retrieved 11 July Retrieved 11 September When you state things, You should know what your talking about. What I took away from it was absolutely no sense of right, or wrong, or blame for either side – just a terrible sadness and comprehension of the level of inhumanity we are capable of.


Retrieved 9 June The course of a war is like a chess match, dictated by those in power.

Lot’s of innocent people died for no reason at sliando. If the Japanese soldiers did this to their own kind, you cannot even begin to comprehend what they did to the Chinese women.

That way’ll foti the war on terrorists. Retrieved 22 July Going to war should be a national debate and not the decision of some insecure douchbags within the government.

If you don’t mind this, just hit accept and know we do nothing sinister with this information. It is terrible this happened, but they also did a lot of terrible things and were basically asking for something terrible to happen.

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In a perfect world, wars would be fought in accordance with the teachings of M. Play, streaming, watch and download Yugioh Trivia: We should never, never, kill a child to protect ourselves. Please if you ever get a chance, visit Hiroshima and the museum there so you can have a better understanding of both sides of the situation.

You better look at these Hiroshima photos: I watched it live. We all have blood on our hands at the bleeding edge of science of warfare.


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Monkey killing monkey killing monkey Over pieces of the ground. The majority of the generals were against it, citing that Japan was on the verge of surrender; and, to their great credit, were horrified at the terrible loss of life and suffering it would involve, and did not want to be the first country to use such a weapon.

No, YOU were being cruel! The unreliability argument is nonsense; they dropped the thing knowing it had a high probability of success.

You lyrics have changed how I really feel about war. The generation of people who fought in WWII have handed the responsibility of taking care of this world and the people on it, to OUR generation. Open Golf First Round Coverage”. Abbtakk delivers the latest headlines news and information on the latest top stories from Pakistan and around the world on weather, business, entertainment.

The bombs was dropped, nothing can undo this. What america did was not only inhumane but also morally very degraded. But that doesn’t mean you have the right to not only kill the person but terminate his future generations for ever. Retrieved 15 May Hour in Total Viewers”.