Direct link only for now: We have lots of viewers in Europe and I’m glad Jara is now one of them! You can get it here. Sometimes we use snapshots as well. Of course Mary has a mom. Here are some pics: He has played various bits in previous short films and provide set design help as well. Here’s the last version of the “jungle biome” map:

Crew Mary – the voice of Mary Dave – the voice of Dad Missyfenstrider – dadsRfunny concept artist, two-dimensional character and matte painter, story development lead and puppeteer for Lil’Sasquatch GNBen – has also puppeteered for Lil’Sasquatch and provided the voice of the elder Sasquatch in episode 7 Kozimandius – director, builder and star of some of the dadsRfunny short films CameraMom – live action camerawoman for documentary-style, IRL-type short films Other crew – We are proud to note that we’ve had at least a dozen other kids and adults provide small voice talent contributions, set building and other advice and help since starting our channel! MJ made a pic of Mary! Since just about everything is build while we record, we have to keep the world safe between episodes. Evil Genus, Mk 5 – Evil Genus is an autonomous, self-aware computer housed in a small metallic and glass shell, somewhat resembling a human brain. Later, Mary becomes jealous of Lil’Sas and his great feats of physical strength. They awake unware of how they got from the coffin back to the Mothership. Once they are delivered back to the Mothership, Lil’Sas fades into the background again, watching them closely.


Oznog and the monks – Oznog leads a cloister of monks in season 2. So we decided to make our own intro, and by doing so, we avoided any future rights fadsrfunny. Some of the links below are adfly links and below each of those, a direct link. Liz made a sword, bow and rod logo-nice! Maddie made awesome pictures of both Mary and Dad!

MADMA Season 4 Seed –

The youtube season 9 playlist is here. Lili drew Mary with a red and purple background!

Lucia and Aya made awesome close up images of the gang. In addition, since the 1. Paige whipped up a cool creation: HalfbloodJ made another great Space Mothership here: InnovationCubeServer at gmail dot com Owner: The rest of the family, if any, is not referenced in the show.

MADMA Season 4 Seed

Here are some pics: How cool is that? Will made some cooool Mary and Dad statues. MJ made a dxdsrfunny of Mary! James made a ‘red and green’ pair of statues.

MADMA s12e05 Operation Zooid [Mary POV] / Mary and Dad’s Minecraft Adventures

Additional Music Tracks Funky groove track, reminiscent of the intro theme to Shaft: Moosecraft at outlook dot com Owner: Can you unban me? He has played various bits in previous short films and provide set design help seeason well.


They escape the ship and make it shore when it sinks ” miles off the coast of the middle jadma nowhere” just prior to the start of the first episode. Andrew made an awesome DRF logo–wow thanks! Do you have a server? The youtube season 10 playlist is here.

In the season four trailer, which bridges the gap between season 3 and 4, Splice realizes that her creation involved the fusing of both pig and “Dad” DNA. Hey, thanks for stopping by! You can get it here.

Click the button below–thanks! The youtube season 8 playlist is here.

MADMA Season 10 Trailer –

Do you have a fan server? Missyfenstrider This is the map as of the end of episode Can you post swason in a large number here episodes per week?

The youtube season 5 playlist is here. Contains short film 0, the trailer. Please watch and like this vid. Kyler made a pic of Sas and Bernard!!!