Craft: illustration of craft projects before their physical realisation

May 29, 2024


Craft is an age-old art of manual creation, distinguished by its creative dimension and the mastery of techniques handed down from generation to generation. As well as the know-how and skill of the craftspeople involved, there's an important stage that precedes the physical production of the work: the illustration of the craft projects. Here's why you should consider this stage as part of your project.

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How important is MyImageGPT in illustrating craft projects before they are physically produced?

MyImageGPT can play a major role in illustrating craft projects before they are physically produced, by offering craftspeople a host of advantages.

Generation of realistic, customised images

MyImageGPT can generate realistic, customised images from simple text descriptions, allowing craftspeople to visualise their ideas with unrivalled accuracy and vividness. This allows them to explore different design options, test colour and texture combinations, and refine their creations before bringing them to life physically. Visit the link for more information.

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Exploration of artistic styles and techniques

MyImageGPT lets you explore a wide range of artistic styles and techniques, from photographic realism and stylised illustrations to abstraction and digital art. This allows artisans to step out of their comfort zone, draw inspiration from different artistic trends and add a unique touch to their creations.

What's more, using MyImageGPT can considerably reduce the time and effort spent on manual illustration. Artisans can generate images quickly and easily.

Improved collaboration and communication

MyImageGPT facilitates collaboration between craftspeople and their customers or colleagues. By sharing AI-generated images, artisans can communicate their ideas clearly and accurately, gather feedback and make changes to designs before finalising them.

Creation of virtual prototypes

MyImageGPT can be used to create virtual prototypes of craft products, enabling craftspeople to test the ergonomics, aesthetics and functionality of their creations before manufacturing them. This can save them time and resources by avoiding costly mistakes and subsequent modifications.

Promotion and marketing

Images generated by MyImageGPT can be used for promotional and marketing purposes to showcase handcrafted creations. Attractive, high-quality images can attract the attention of potential customers, arouse their interest and increase sales.

Ultimately, MyImageGPT proves to be a powerful and versatile tool for illustrating craft projects before they are physically realised. By enabling craftspeople to generate realistic, personalised and varied images, MyImageGPT stimulates creativity, facilitates collaboration, optimises the creative process and enhances the visual impact of craft products.

The importance of illustration in the craft industry

Illustration plays a key role in the creative process. It enables the craftsperson to :

  • Visualise their idea: sketching, drawing or modelling their project enables craftspeople to give concrete form to their idea, to refine it and give it shape. This visualisation stage gives them a clear perspective of their creation, enabling them to anticipate technical challenges and make any necessary changes.
  • Communicating the concept: illustration serves as a universal language for communicating the artisan's concept to customers, collaborators or partners. It helps to share the creative vision, arouse interest and gather valuable feedback to enrich the project.
  • Planning and organising the work: the detailed illustration of the different stages of the project enables the craftsman to plan his work efficiently. They can estimate the time and resources required, organise their work space and anticipate any obstacles.
  • Preserving know-how: the illustrations, sketches and plans produced throughout the creative process are invaluable archives for the craftsman. They help to document their know-how, pass on their techniques to future generations and retrace the history of their creations.

Different craft illustration techniques

The choice of illustration technique depends on the nature of the craft project, the skills of the craftsperson and the tools available. The most common techniques include :

  • drawing: A traditional and versatile technique, drawing allows you to produce quick sketches, detailed sketches and realistic illustrations;
  • painting: the use of paint, watercolour, acrylic or oil, adds colour and texture to illustrations, bringing the craftsman's creations to life;
  • 3D modelling: for complex projects or those requiring a high degree of precision, 3D modelling can be used to create realistic virtual representations of craft objects;
  • collage: a fun and creative technique, collage allows you to assemble various elements, such as photos, fabrics or found objects, to create original illustrations;


Illustration is an essential stage in the creative process. It enables craftspeople to visualise their ideas, communicate them effectively, plan their work and preserve their know-how. By mastering different illustration techniques, craftspeople can bring their creations to life before they are even physically made, enriching their creative process and sharing their passion with the world.