To make things worse, the old blimp may be haunted. Drake recalls Venusaur and sends out Electabuzz. On the next island, Ash and his friends see a team of firefighters consisting of Squirtle, Wartortle, and Blastoise. On a tiny island, Ash and Tracey get affected by Stun Spore leaving it up to Misty to get an antidote to heal them. The Johto Journeys episodes; however, they are technically part of season 3. First broadcast Japan September 9,

Adventures in Unova BW: The group descend on Mandarin Island where Ash’s arrogance emerges due to the fact that he’s won every single battle he’s had since arriving on the island but upon meeting Prima, a member of the Elite Four, and challenging her to a battle, Ash starts to realize that he may have made a grave mistake. In the end, Jigglypuff suddenly appears and sings. Pikachu starts off with Agility , but is knocked into the air by Dragonite’s tail. Drake commands a Fly, followed by a Body Slam. While Dragonite is left fazed, the attack causes Charizard to faint.

Electabuzz then attempts to use Thunderbolt, but Charizard grabs it and uses Seismic Tossdefeating it. Ash recalls Charizard, thanking it for still wearing Dragonite down. Having to travel by boat, Ash and his friends arrive on Hamlin Island, their final stop before returning to Kanto to discover that the town is being attacked by hundreds of Electrode.

Yuki Yama no Tatakai! Bulbasaur lands its attack, but is soon defeated by Electabuzz’s Thunder Punch. First broadcast Japan September 9, Dragonite then uses Slam and Charizard is sent crashing into the ground. Charizard then attempts to Fly upward, and Dragonite quickly follows. After getting his 3rd Orange League Badge, Ash and his friends arrive on an island, where Pikachu is soon captured by Team Rocket and is chained to Meowth.

The Stun Spore Detour

Drake tells Electabuzz to use Thunder Shockbut Bulbasaur’s th advantage leaves it unfazed and it counters with a Razor Leaf. In the United States, it aired from December 4,to October 14, Togepi also learns Metronome from Drowzee. Views Read Edit View history.

He sends out Squirtle, who is still tired from its earlier battle with Drake’s Onix.

Ash decides to send out Tauros against Dragonite, but Tauros is still tired from his fight with Venusaur. The Johto Journeys episodes; however, they are technically part of season 3. Ash once again gets jealous and sad. Heading to the other thhe of Mandarin Island and the city of Trovitopolis, Ash and his friends discover there’s a monster in the sewer that is causing lots of problems in the town.


Ash, Misty and Tracey soon learn that a group of pirates and their Tentacruel are attacking Lapras’s group and when the bullying starts up again, with Tracey having gone to alert Officer Jenny, Ash and Misty decide dragpnite get into the fight, vowing to stop the pirates once for all. Tracey decides to stay in Pallet Town, so he can be Professor Oak’s assistant. Charizard, still distrusting of Ash, doesn’t want his help, but Ash keeps entwr. While Dragonite is left fazed, the attack causes Charizard to faint.

At Ash’s command, Pikachu lands a direct hit with Thunder. However, Team Rocket also get washed up on this island and start causing problems. However, Team Rocket appears to steal the Magikarp and get them to evolve. After stopping on another island to rest, Misty notices her Psyduck’s tail is glowing, a nearby trainer says it may mean it is time for it to evolve. Then, Tauros dodges the rest and hits Venusaur with a powerful Take Downdefeating it.

While exploring the island they crash-landed on, Ash and Misty discover a group of teenagers bullying a Lapras. Pikachu starts off with Agilitybut is knocked into the air by Dragonite’s tail.

After following some boats to an island, Ash and his friends discover an excavation, the whole island is made of fossilized Kabuto, however according to the legend, the Kabuto are said to awaken and unleash destruction on the island. Ash celebrates making it to the Kanto League back at Pallet Town.

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As drqgonite ball cannot not be opened or transported, Ash and his friends are 1112 with returning the GS ball to Professor Oak for examination. Credits Animation Team Ota. Ash and his friends discover a man who has troops of Magnemite and has to take them to a town on the island in order to give it power.

Along with Ash receiving the trophy, Ash, Pikachu, Squirtle, Tauros, Lapras, Bulbasaur, and Charizard are given the honor of being inducted into the Orange League Hall of Famewith their footprints and Ash’s hand-print immortalized in concrete, and a group photo taken to commemorate the victory. Drake tells Venusaur to use Solar Pokemn. Seizing this chance, Team Rocket appears in their balloon and tosses a net onto Dragonite. Dragonite uses Ice Beamhitting Charizard’s wing and sending into a free-fall.


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Unexpectedly, Tauros isn’t defeated and the Solar Beam actually freed him from epissode sand. Adventures in Unova BW: Please remember to follow the manual of style and code of conduct at all times.

In the end, Jigglypuff suddenly appears and sings. Ash tells Squirtle to use Bubble Beamand the attack hits dead on, causing the Body Slam to fail; upon landing, Dragonite slams its tail into Squirtle hard, knocking it out.

Heading to the Valencia Island, Ash takes part in a lottery and wins a quick way there, a blimp ride Curious, they help Marissa and her brother Mateo to find the Crystal Onix and to capture it. So Misty challenges her to battle and when she finds she has a Golduck, she easily beats the trainer.

This series aired first-run episodes in Japan from February 4,to October 7, Using the sand on the battlefield to absorb the impact, Tauros has caught Dragonite in his horns. Taipu Batoru San Tai San!! Rudy moves in to court Misty after she helps rescue his younger sister, Mahri. Personal tools Create account Log epusode.

As Drake grows furious with Team Rocket, Dragonite breaks the net with its large wings and pops Team Rocket’s balloon with Skull Bashsending them blasting off again. Ash is employed to help stop the greedy Snorlax, but the Snorlax proves to be slippery.

Ash is able to give a stunning defeat to the Poliwrath that froze Charizard earlier. Arriving on Moro Island, Ash and his friends hear about a long lost Orange League Trophy being found on a sunken ship, but when Team Rocket steals it, Ash and the gang follow them to a ghost ship inhabited by Gastly and Haunter. While there, he discovers the Scyther got dethroned from being in charge of his group.