As as result, dramas are different from country to country due to their culture and issues of their country. By Nancyzak , June 17, in Mainland China. He had already prepared the silk, but no one was qualified to write it. Qiugang Jian and Liting Hua. This is a Chinese name ; the family name is Wang. Please PM me if you wish me to update any information that you may have. Shen Peng, as the play’s overall guidance and General Counsel arts; drama director and screenwriter, who with drama “Out of the Blue River,” which won the Chinese drama “Double Ten” director Zhou Xianglin, itself is a painter, is currently China Calligraphers Association. By nonski Started November 29,

Wong 4 Hei 1 -zi 1. Add and Subtract Game. Wang Xizhi had seven children, all of whom were notable calligraphers. Sign In Sign Up. Sign In Sign Up. Stills of Wang Xizhi drama more pics here: While he was eating, he suddenly knit his brow. To allow more small partners have the opportunity to cast, this year we added a post:

One morning Wang Xizhi decided to take a small boat and go there. However, in order to properly novie her delivery with that of her partner, she also memorized other people’s lines as well.

Said the cast including Kim Tae Woo Bong major such, jangheum, jusol Matt coalition position to wrestle the drama press conference the day prepared and taken testimony. It is this creative spirit of striving for perfection, the crew treat every shot like in the creation of a beautiful ink, every effort will be the story with the most beautiful picture in front of an audience.


I used Google Translation for this Vietnamese article, with minor edits by me.

Despite the language barrier, but Kim Tae Hee integrate very well and often brings laughter to the crew. By larus Started January Wang stayed for half a day to write out the chapters, then he caged the geese and returned home. Wikimedia Commons has media related to: By using kovie site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

mofie Down through the ages, however, aspiring students of that most basic yet highest art in China, calligraphy, have copied and preserved traces of his style. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. By NancyzakJune 17, in Mainland China. By larus Started Yesterday at Unconsciously, he moved the fingers on his wife’s body.

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He finally became as skilled as his father. Muhammad Saad March 2, at 8: In Zhang Zhi seems heavy, fast track prevalent custom of the United States is not “Wang,” the producers sought direction to dig a unique perspective of xizih Chinese culture is the question, “We care about the quality of the play or the cost down in the second.

After five years, he finally started to write words. Yesterday, reporters from the “sage Wang Xizhi” crew learned that, after actress Kim Tae Hee crew arrived, they entered the tense shoot.

Posted November 5, As as result, dramas are different from country to country due to their culture and issues of their country. Zhou said the director, why invite Kim Tae Hee as the female lead, mainly out of consideration the international market, they visit movi lot of stars, there is no bad news, no plastic surgery, Kim Tae Hee has a high level of education can be described as the best candidate.


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Kim Tae Hee leaves for China to film “Saint Wang Xizhi”

Posted October 10, So when the director shouted ‘cut’, all Everybody laughed. Posted August 17, In recent years, Linyi attaches great importance to create fine art and cultural industry development, positive change in philosophy, and broaden the industrial operation of the channel, to explore the mode of operation of a literary creation and industrial development combining culture and actively guide related businesses to invest in the construction, the introduction of a wagn of ideological and artistic taste of fine art.

Hopefully, that will be By marie67 Started December 30, Posted June 18, Here’s many stills of WXZ-co stars Kim Tae Hee looks exquisite in Chinese historical drama. His wife was sulky and said, “Why do you always draw characters on other’s body? This can be considered as the most humorous point. By nonski Started November 29, Posted September 16,