Meethi is sure it wont be that ways. I will throw a party for them. Welcome, Login to your account. A gift is delivered for Meethi. If you will stay strong then you will be able to help her. Mukku asks about the party venue and rest of the details. She too wears her watch. Meethi finds out about Akash’s health.

He will talk to Akash while she will talk to Meethi. Damini tells Divya she has daughter. A gift is delivered for Meethi. Mukku signs all the papers without reading them. I have brought up Mukku like my own daughter. Akash slits his wrist. Mukku has come to meet Vishnu.

I know you wont be coming with me but I yttaran sure you will be alright very soon. She is living on that hope maybe. Rathore does not want to force Akash into anything. Akash says that he will end his life if Ekadashi doesn’t give up the thought of exacting revenge.

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They take their seats and the light goes off. Damini tells the truth to Ichha. A password will be e-mailed to you.


They both wish each other cordially. India’s Got Talent S He looks worried while she opens the gift. They both go silent and he goes from there. There are so many problems in our life yet I have agreed to it.

Mukku tells her everything. Log In Welcome, Login to your account. She thanks him for the gift without opening it. Tappu is worried for Mukku. Their heartbeats are joined just like ours.

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Akash tells Ekadashi to end the enmity. Rathore and Mukku leave from their respective places. Akash is lost in Meethi’s thoughts. Rathore is onlone at all pleased to see Nani there. Sanskaar – Dharohar Apnon Ki S She too wears her watch.

Meethi takes the gift and finds Akash standing there. Savitri Devi College and Hospital. It’s Not That Simple S On Jun 5, It will utraran as long as your heart is beating.

Meethi finds out about Akash’s health. I only want to tell you that small instances of happiness make our life worthwhile.


Nani clutches the file with hope and worries. Epi ends on the split screen of Akash and Meethi.

Tapasya cant find Ichha. Today will be a special day for her. I know it will never happen. Oonline my watch ever stops then! Meethi tells Mukta that this sadness wont go away from their lives that easily. She leaves once her work is done. Rathore continue, Akash dint even think about his family, his pride or himself while trying to get Meethi. A spotlight falls on their faces. Mukku has come to meet Vishnu.

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You wont leave me ever. Mahabharat 5th June Written Episode Update. Ishq Ka Rang Safed. We could have planned a nice surprise for them.