Because no one is closely looking after her welfare, Jenny is raped at the age of seven by their laundry-woman’s live-in partner. Mabel’s funeral parlor went out of business. As early as three years old, Elha already loves to sing. The fulfillment that she gets from being a nurse would have been enough, but then her life takes a whole new meaning when she meets Rey in a party. It will test the relationship of the family members in their love for their family. A father-and-son family drama episode. Just when Lenny thought everything was going well for both of them, he proposed to Yvonne thinking that she would be willing to marry him.

She also agrees to become Eva’s, who is an aspiring actress, personal assistant. But instead of boxing, fate led him to the dangerous world of street fighting. To prevent any conflict, their number one rule is that they won’t keep any secret from each other. Maja Salvador plays the role of Judy who has never had a boyfriend, but believes that her sense of humor and talent for acting should be enough to attract any guy. The story of Jhonny and Aileen who fell in love during their summer job. Will she ever trust her family and believe in love again? But at 15 years old, Monica got caught up with the lifestyle and tried to fit in by putting on a new persona, which affected her personal relationships with some people closest to her.

Her older brother eventually learns about her vices and asks her to leave their home.

They would have to go through a difficult “Romeo and Juliet” journey, with Sheryl’s father doing everything that he can to separate them from each other. What made her decide to fight for her crown after she was disqualified? Pinky is a lovable and helpful adoptive daughter to her aunt and uncle, who had to endure the maltreatment of her cousin, Rene.

Akasia | Love You Mr. Arrogant | Episod 1

Amidst his frantic search for funds that would cover his son’s hospital bills, Darwin stumbles upon a bag containing a huge amount of money in the backseat of his tricycle one day. His efforts soon pay off and he and Aira get married. Joel was in denial of the fact that it was him who has a problem.


Driven by their dream of building their own house, Okoy works hard and sacrifices almost everything to help his younger brother finish his studies. Joven is a young man who 111 to avoid his gay admirer through the help of his pretend girlfriend, Rachel.

” ! DainelIqmal Belog ! ”: Drama Online : Love you , Mr Arrogant (FULLEPISODE)

It even reaches a point where Aurora is forced to have Mark adopted by a barangay catechist to give him a better life. Despite these, they remained strong and would even make things lighter for everyone by cracking jokes.

Solly, a pretty singer whose beautiful voice captivates the heart of a young boy named Jun. On the other hand, her daughter Carla Pineda realizes the need for them to find additional income so she decides to try her luck as a maid in Manila.

Bheng becomes a single mother to her daughter Joy when her boyfriend refuses to take responsibility for their child.

The story of Berna, who comes from a rich family and who is an academic achiever. A year-old girl named Nene who was recurrently raped by her stepfather. A story that deals with familial love and personal values. Rene’s feelings for Jovel grow stronger until he confesses his love for her. Mely is a martyr wife to her philandering husband and a dedicated mother to her beloved children.

May and Bobit, who would often break up because of their personal differences. This episode is based on Iisa Pa Lamang in Bibot, a typical bad boy who earns money from scavenging in the mountain of garbage in Payatas. Ilham cuba mengambil hati dan melayan kerenah Zaara.

Flor, a devoted wife, mother, and daughter-in-law who did everything to keep her family complete. How far can Thelma’s love go just to prolong the life of her beloved sister, Myra?

Lovd to leave her vocation to save his beloved from leaving priesthood. Joel and Gladys had a good married life until they found out that Joel could not have a child because of his rare medical condition. Being around each other almost every day finally opens their eyes to the possibility of romance.

A heartwarming story of a dedicated and loving mother and sister named Precy. Tinton is a year-old girl who rebelled against her parent, got pregnant at a young age, and slowly drifted herself away from her family. It was only when they became a couple did he tell her that he already has a wife and a kid.


What will they do when Ronnie’s family goes against their relationship? What honton of pain and hardships did Macky have to go tpnton when he felt that he lost both of his parents? Is love enough to bravely face death? Other people also tried to discourage him because of his looks and status in life. How did Ronnie and Leng’s secret love affair start? Carmi is a funny, loud and outgoing lady, who was forced by her husband Ian to become timid and formal for the sake of their marriage.

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But, unlike Paolo, Rovil is optimistic that she will overcome her illness. But a fire leaves Charles severely injured, including his fingers which affects his ability to play the piano. Though she is not totally embittered by her disability, she believes that no man would ever get attracted to her because of it.

Lyn is a conservative lady, who the girlfriend of John, based her life decisions on different kinds of sayings that she learned from her mother, aunt and grandmother. Torn between Tomas and Lando. With the intention to support her husband in providing the needs of their growing family, Blythe decided to work.

Boys in their hometown are into her, and she is the subject of gossip among many villagers. Norma Francisco who’s recently widowed but struggles to make ends meet for her children. Nevertheless, she surrenders to a seven-day-romance with him. Not only do they disrespect her but they are also ashamed of her profession as a TV extra.

The inspiring love story of a year-old woman named Lola Auring Matias, who braved the streets of Manila alone each day in search for her missing husband, Lolo Luis. Discover the trials that Venus Raj had to go through before she joined Miss Universe through her empowering personal tale.