There was one time the school bullies made me eat lunch with my underwear on my head. What else has been happening? Rodney McKay , Jeannie: Though the comedic moments between the McKay siblings were some of the best of the night, it is hard not to remember the calm, more heartstring tugging ones, such as Jeannie confiding more in Rod since he took an instant liking to her while she hasn’t talked to Rodney in four years, and the absolute best moment of the episode came when Rodney hugged his sister and asked how she was doing and if she was happy; it looked like some real emotion there, and though the Hewletts are probably closer in real life than their onscreen characters, it was like they were feeling exactly what they would be if they were the McKays, and you just felt the moment emanating from the screen. Once or twice is passing. Oh, wait, that was you. I got this for Madison. David Hewlett is a genius when it comes to playing Meredith have to love that Rodney McKay and you’d have a hard time convincing fans otherwise; this episode is easily the most on-point McKay has been yet this season, because when you add another McKay to the equation, things only get better.

Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Well that’s the beauty of your theory. He destroyed a solar system. Do you think he made it back to his universe? Simulations are all in the green. I know exactly what your doing

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Stargate Atlantis – Season 3, Episode 8: McKay and Mrs. Miller –

He’s got a bit of an ego. Well that’s mcoay beauty of your theory. There is only one solar system, which is The Solar System. We all have embarrassing childhood stories. This is very much a standalone episode that doesn’t really require you know much about Stargate Atlantis, though you should have seen at least a few other episodes so you know the characters especially Rodney McKay.


He likes to do the checklist. You know it is. Did you just call him ‘Mer’? Kaleb Miller Madison Bell This is one of those “ultimate classic” sci-fi episodes of all times, the likes of which one is lucky to see once a decade. The mission uncovers astounding technologyas well as the notorious species known as the Wraith. It grew tiresome very quickly. Colonel John Sheppard Torri Higginson The crossbow-wielding star tackles some what-ifs that would change everything we know about ” The Walking Dead.

Brad Wright created byRobert C. Carson Beckett credit only David Hewlett Rod McKay Amanda Tapping Why are you here? Why you should watch the Oscars, True Detective and more! What does Elizabeth have to say about this? Jeannie was a great character, as her interactions with Rodney were a laugh-out-loud joy, as they bickered just like you’d imagine two brilliant geniuses would; when viewers heard the ZPM had depleted all its energy, they were probably hoping this character would be sticking around for a while alas, she left on the Daedalus at the episode’s end.

Cash’s song Solitary Man, is the main theme song in S05E Yeah, I got that.

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That’s kind of nice to hear. Do you have any idea what you’ve written?

Hmm, yes, well, I suppose I was just in the mood for Lieutenant Colonel Samantha Carter. Though the experiment goes off without a hitch to begin with, suddenly something goes wrong and another Rodney from an alternate reality has arrived at Complete Coverage of the 91st Academy Awards 6.

Edit Storyline Rodney McKay returns to Earth to visit his sister, Jeannie Milller, after she solves a mathematical proof that may provide for a means for transferring particles to a parallel universe.

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He manages to convince Jeannie to cooperate by transporting her to sgargate Daedalus and soon they are in Atlantis working on the problem. Do you think he made it back to his universe? Since she was born?

Not a fan of vegetarian cuisine, eh? Whatever you say Meredith! I got this for Madison. How good could she possibly be? McKay centric episode are always a joy to watch, as he is easily the best character on the show.

The alternate Rodney has a syargate different personality from the Rodney everyone knows – funny and self-effacing