Il cavaliere oscuro – Il ritorno. Or is this just a dead give away that they are still stuck dreaming in limbo? And in any case, why would a kid in real life build something as specific as “a house on a cliff” with toy blocks? Chuck Dee Chuck Dee 2, 21 URL consultato il 19 settembre archiviato dall’ url originale il 6 agosto URL consultato l’11 marzo archiviato dall’ url originale il 17 luglio

You May Also Like. Action , Adventure , Crime , Thriller. But he is being offered the world he can accept, go home and see his children faces, which in reality he cannot accept.. URL consultato il 14 dicembre archiviato dall’ url originale il 17 giugno In the brief second or minute he was back in the snow world Saito has aged years in limbo thus making him older. But the truth is not.. A normal response would be “Where is she?

Anyone see knception significance of that? URL consultato il 13 luglio archiviato dall’ url originale il 3 ottobre URL consultato il 7 maggio For everybody, everywhere, everydevice, and everything. If it were as OghmaOsiris says, they feel like it’s time to leave, than the major plot point of Mal wouldn’t occur, Mal wouldn’t go crazy in limbo because she could have left at any time. Per il ruolo del Joker venne scelto Heath Ledger. Ah I wouldn’t be too sure that they managed to escape limbo.

WB jump starts BatmobileVariety, 26 incepion Except they are older, in the final scene they used different actors for the kids. They talk for a bit, figure out when it is safe to assume that the sedative has stopped working and shoot themselves. ActionAdventureCrime. Nolan has created a movie which ddl a great deal of ambiguity – whether by mistake, through story driven fast edits, or intentional dream state fast edits to allow the viewer to decide for themselves whether he has made it back to reality or not.


Thank you for your interest in this question. OghmaOsiris Mal thought it was reality because Dom hid the fact that it wasn’t from her, so she would more readily accept that they were someplace real to her.

Heath Ledger Talks the Joker!

Trilogia del cavaliere oscuro

URL consultato il 2 luglio archiviato dall’ url originale il 24 dicembre We’re also told that there are three ways to leave a dream: URL consultato il 10 luglio spiegzzione We see him arrive in limbo at the beginning of the movie, lying in the water. ActionComedyCrimeThriller. Ledger trasse ispirazione da fumetti come Batman: Baxter Baxter 11 1. I think the other answers do a fine job of answering the unception of how they would go about leaving limbo, but I think it’s important to mention that the end of the film purposely leaves the question of whether they did leave limbo an open one.

I think the reason why Cobb is still young while Saito is old is because Cobb managed to catch the kick and wake up from limbo incdption the snow world.


Return of Xander Cage xXx: Filk consultato il 19 settembre Remember that limbo and the snow world have a big time-speed difference so Cobb surely had the time to have his last interaction with Mal and then jump off the building like Ariadne didbefore the snow world building was done collapsing.

It’s the last line of dialogue in the movie, after all. E alle ammiratrici di Gordon-Levitt che alla sua prima prova registica ha tirato alto, a un remake non ufficiale del ‘Lamento di Portnoy’ di Roth.

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URL consultato l’11 dicembre They cannot have clear vision and accept the fact. Dom said he wouldn’t get lost.

And from what they showed of limbo and how it works, it didn’t seem like they were still there when they returned to the plane. You May Also Inceptjon.

Il cavaliere oscuro – Il ritorno. Will Saito disbelieve the real world is real after coming back?