As with most experiences, Infinity War this second time around wasn’t as enjoyable. Even though it’s P without popcorn, i’ll still have a more pleasant experience. Sm city lucena cinema movie schedule today showing in. The last of which isn’t really something anyone would associate with SM. The female protagonist was a little chubby for the role. We watched Papa Piolo’s movie here and the cinema was good as expected, what I don’t like was the frequency of the commercials and the lack of soon-to-show movies. The seats is really comfortable. At only 25 to 35 total seating capacity, it seems pretty exclusive.

As for Directors’ Club, it is one of my favorite movie house. So the tickets came with a free regular boring buttered popcorn. Events, maps, anything and everything about bgc, and mckinley hill. The duration was quite long though I would not mind if I don’t have work tomorrow. My seat’s leather had some tears in it already. It may be a little worn out but still the relaxation was good.

I find it rather odd that there is no quick login option in the home page.

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When I aurq him I ordered sour cream popcorn bowl and asked for a cheese popcorn for the free pack, he comes back later and gives me a big bowl of each flavor. Sm mall of asia cinema movie schedule pasay city, metro.

I will no longer waste my money going to any movie in SM Aura. You can’t even hold hands without having to stretch so far! Soooo good and very generous with the cineam topping!! The projector hum could also be heard over the dialogue, so most of the subtle quips and witty repartee – highlights of any Marvel movie – are easily missed. Sitting front and left, I can still see the screen pretty well, so it’s well spaced.


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Making it one of my favorite movies. Seats are so relaxing where you can bring your feet up and eventually fall asleep though I doubt you would because the screen is perfect, just the enough size and clarity. But the movie comes with one popcorn. It may be a little worn out but still the relaxation was good.

My reviews are based on my experiences.

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And it’s in Aura What a way to start the annual German Film fest. He delivers to me about 20 loooong minutes later a sour cream popcorn freebie. Navigate through the different movies or cinemas easily by sorting it out by either category. But I still ordered their nacho cheese.

That’s what she said. The screen could’ve been just a little bit bigger. Relax, it’s in the trailer.

The seats we got were already next to eachother when we sat down. I ordered additional iced cold milo which was not so bagay with the popcorn but I bought it anyway. Photo credit to https: I raced about their Cheese Nachos from their snack bar because it had so much cheese.


It was always a pleasure for me to watch here because the seats were really comfy. So I had to get out at one of the rare lull as lull as it gets in this suureseats action packed every minute movie moments to order popcorn and ask what’s free.

Just like soda floats without ice cream.

SM Cinema launches hassle free online ticket reservation/purchase

Guess I won’t be back to try watching movies here again. Been here before and comfort never fails me.

You always hear me rant about their comfy seats blah blah According to sm prime putting them together defines luxury.

Don’t expect for the popcorn to be that delicious because it’s not.

Check the latest now showing movie schedules on the best cinema in manila and cebu. The peso movie ticket also includes Popcorn and a butler service where you can just press a button to call them. Tickets are at p99 each, or if youre up for a movie marathon, you can get the unlimited oneday pass for only p I’d rather go to the cinemas at BHS.