It aired every Monday night on Channel 9 at 8. Dutchy, still dazed from being hit over the head by one of the Chief’s recent friends, and Swain decide they need to set up camp overnight and set out again in daylight. It soon becomes clear they were involved in a gold robbery, and probably so is ill-reputed salvage entrepreneur Alby Dumas. Alby Dumas Steve Le Marquand The boarding of an FFV reunites 2-Dads with the owner of the monkey who are none to pleased to see him, and take him, Nicky and Charge hostage. Retrieved 17 April

While fishing in the Torres Strait, Charge’s attempts to catch a big fish are foiled by a small Cessna plane flying haphazardly. Mike and Kate start making plans for their future life, only to discover its not all plain sailing. In the jungle, tensions are raised when they come across other group of heavily armed men but they turn out to be old friends of Suil. Elke Anderson Trent Huen Nikki continues her investigation into ET’s death and comes face to face with Campbell Fulton, who threatens her life if she doesn’t stop her snooping. Gorski’s ship is located. Swain and Spider are kidnapped by an obsessed vigilante, determined to rid Australian waters of illegal fishing boats. It was filmed between the 9th of October and the 20th of February

The resulting pursuit and apprehension of the smugglers gives Swain the chance to work out some of the anguish from the death of the mother, and reunites the baby with his Aunt.

Then, Nikki risks everything to uncover the truth about ET’s final moments, while Kate is trapped in a deadly showdown with one of ET’s killers. Most regular cast members have returned. While docked at Orlan Island, Mike leaps to the rescue of the baby son of a grateful Anton Gorski Valentino Del Torowho had fallen off the wharf swa a carriage.


Rebecca Brown (character)

Mike tries to settle into his new position, and, during a heated argument over impartiality versus loyalty to the crew, Kate and Mike spend the night together. A comical scene ensues as the crew of the Hammersley are brushing up their first aid skills and when Swain asks 2Dads to demonstrate CPR on Charge.

Able Seaman Robert J. During a routine patrol in the Arafura Sea, the Hammersley comes across an old foe of theirs, Hannibal.

But when he tries to retaliate by starting rumours that Kate episodf Buffer are romantically involve Mike is forced to intervene, and he ends up in more trouble, and facing possible dismissal from the NAVY. Desperate with grief, Kate collapses in the cabin where she hears noises from an adjoining room. This page was last edited on 7 Februaryat The crew are exposed to deadly avian flu while arresting illegal fishermen.

Hammersley finally track down the missing kayaker, but this time, she has not survived her ordeal, and Nicky is no closer to finding eposode truth. The Hammersley races to capture the smugglers’ ship and save the lives of their human cargo.

Sea Patrol

Will he become the biggest loser? Nikki is close to breaking point, following the death of her fiance. RO manages to convince them of his real identity and he is returned to his crew mates on Hammersley who are very relieved to see him and very apologetic about teasing him. Meanwhile, 2Dads tries to prove to RO that Dutchy’s medal for Gallantry is real and steals it without thinking, almost losing it.

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In the morning, 2Dads find a letter from RO to Bomber apologising for the confusion over the perceived relationship, and believes it to be a possible suicide note. Hammersley is in a desperate race to capture a murderous crime syndicate in Australian waters.

The crew intervenes in a second hijacking and captures the rustlers. They are taken captive and find out this is the mysterious Hantu, the man responsible for the death of the fisherman near the oil rigs.


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Red Gold Advertisement for season 3. No-one believes 2Dads when he mentions the CO’s involvement and he is quickly losing support from his crew-mates. Mike is torn between saving the life of a missing refugee girl, and the lives of two shipmates bitten by the deadly Irukandji jellyfish.

After the fallout of the crocodile incident, Mike is re-appointed CO of Hammersleyinterrupting his relationship with Kate. Plot 1×01 – Welcome Aboard: Back on Hammersleyhigh on pethidine Dutchy has a very lovely moment with the XO.

After this incident Spider accepted her apology and Buffer decided not to follow through on his threat, provided she kept her temper in check. Articles lacking sources from August All articles lacking sources Articles using Infobox character with multiple unlabeled fields.

When the crew are called upon to rescue the crew of a crashed helicopter they must risk exposure to toxic radiation when bombdr crash site turns out to be an old British nuclear test site. Mike faces a deadly dilemma when Bird is struck by a mystery illness and requires urgent evacuation. Bomber faces disciplinary action after a violent confrontation with illegal fishermen. Mike manages to leave a message for Kate, however while Mike is making the call, Cavenaugh finds the real Captain Mason and takes Mike captive.

Sda Bomber started out on the ship, she realised that she had made good friends in RO and Spider.