It’s ok if you guys don’t believe that’s Yoochunnie singing. Thank you for helping me out. And maybe it will mean that Bu Yong will finally have her chance with her prince I agree with this!!!! Especially side on with a bit of tension? He sits out on the roof all night, and in the morning, Park-ha returns from her trip to Pohang. Is my wishful thinking too much Thank you for the recap.

Or what about if Yi Gak’s consciousness gets swapped with Tae Yong’s? So in the end, TY and PH can continue their “sinceyears-ago-love”. Kil Yong Woo Supporting Cast. If they trot him out later in the drama, it will look like he was shoehorned in to make the parallels nice and neat, instead of it building more naturally the way it would have if he had been present in the setup in Ep 1. I have read an article regarding the history book read by Park Ha, and I guess the writer either forgot to explain that, or purposely left that out for the viewers to figure it out. I think I might go back and watch this show as I am quite happy with the ending. I was just extremely saddened by the ending, and I held out so much hope that when they touched Tae Yong actually regained LG’s memories and became Lee Gak, but it is clear from JB’s recap that this was not so and they remain separate people.

Roboteddy September 12, at As for me, it epiisode be a letdown if yi gak and the rest will only wear those joseon costumes again when they have to say goodbye to park ha 5 minutes epiaode the show concludes.

She trips and falls, dropping a cosmetics container with powder, which spills to the ground. Yeah, I think having survived living the palace which usually involves scheming and back-stabbing, I think our Joseon F4 is well ddamacrazy to handle Tae Mu. He clearly had the important beats worked out from the start, and the neatness of the resolution proves that this there was a decent amount of forethought given to the plot. Jung Suk Won Supporting Cast. I agree with your interpretation as well.


Thank you for recapping! I haven’t watch Moon that embraces the Sun but I plan to watch it after my finals, heh.

They were somehow able to add a sense of realism to a drama about Time Travelling. If they complete their “mission” in the present day, will they be automatically transported back in time? There’s a purity and demureness to this kiss like in a fairytale.

You explained it much better, though. Now if only I spoke Korean. Hwa-yong looks troubled while the prince finds the request paltry, but Bu-yong entreats him to comply, saying that this is what she needs right now. If anyone watches their dramas on viki.

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Jung Yu Mi Supporting Cast. Thank you Rooftop Prince! At last we can see the downfall of Sena Wesley May 25, at 5: Man-bo vows that they must beat Tae-mu. And someone on Viki pointed this out, he was standing there at the end with a very, very Yi Gak stance, the arms behind the back Yoochun over the top in performing. On to a jjimjilbang, where they relax in the main room.

They’re still not the same!!! I thought so too. The smile at her shop where he gave her smirking like he knows her I mean, who does that. I cried when Bu Yong was the one who sacrificed for the sake of her family and the Prince and now knowing this, the Prince doesn’t get his happy ending.

Also yeah, there are enough clues like the hand thing to give us some meagre hope! I think I’d have been happier with Park Ha’s ending if Tae Yong had somehow woken from his coma with all of Yi Gak’s memories and maybe even a bit of carry over of his personality.


She leaves the meeting thinking hard about the proposal, wondering whether to take it.

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MsGB April 28, at 1: I am wondering about that a lot now. Yi Gak challenges them, asking if they can be absolutely sure that the roiftop daughter at home is Bu-yong.

While I’m not sure what your cup of tea is Maybe Yi Gak is used to assuming an air of command around the ducklings, and Park-ha knows he’s a prince so he has to act like one.

But I have something to add here.


Song Ok Sook Supporting Cast. Going to miss Yoochun’s lovely face and the ducklings!!! He may not seem to dramacrzy things in the beginning but if you guys remember.

Eaglette April 27, at 5: Ahn Sang Tae Supporting Cast. Han Ji Min is my top favorite co-star lady for Yoochun so far He stands there on the porch with lighted sparklers, left epispde by Park-ha after all, burning them all down. But I think a closed-lips kiss fits here. I’m not even a JYJ fan but man, is that swoony.

Yeah, he was squishing her face with his. Jk Jk I’m stupid but okay so Tae Wu? Lee Tae Sung Main Cast.

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I truly loved this drama. She leaves them outside the building, then faces her dying sister inside. He was definitely Yi Gak. Wait, have you been running for two whole days? So we drajacrazy Lee Gak to time travel to meet Park Ha.