On top of that you get art cards, replicas of the US-release lobby cards and the Japanese flyer. How to Train Your Dragon: This is the story most critics in the West love to write about. Remember me Lost your password? All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. Just noticed, seems the UK blu is a p transfer, right? This deep-cutting, biological cinema, delves into the guts to reach the soul. We decided to delay the release as long as it required until our vision was realized.

I need a limited edition copy! On the physical side, the top contents are a great page booklet, and the CD soundtrack. This is the story most critics in the West love to write about. So, what is Possession about? The silver hot stamping theme is carried throughout the inside. How to Train Your Dragon: All contents opened and spread out.

It is hardly surprising because it is obviously the only story that makes sense to them. Subscribe to Screen Anarchy. The releases are expected to arrive on the U. When Possession was originally distributed in North America, 40 minutes were cut from it, the remainder re-scored and re-edited, and additional visual effects like solarisation were added. Where do I sign up? Editor, Europe ; Rotterdam, The Netherlands ardvark Please keep in mind that like us the guys at TOUFFAN are doing this not just to make money but in order to do something worthwhile on the side.

Poasession, after a series of violent quarrels Marc forces Anna to confess that she has been cheating on him. February 225: The excess and gore in this film effectively mask Zulawski’s condemnation of the system. Most of the special features could be in standard definition.

The Possession of Hannah Grace. Our goal was to get it right the first time and move on to the next project.

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On Mondo Vision’s website they do note, and I quote: I especially loved Sam Neill’s performance. Don’t miss possessino on these great deals. July 71: Buy it from Toufaan! You can also get an instant mobile notification with our iPhone- or Android app. Marc Sam Neill, My Brilliant CareerThe Piano is an ambitious professional who regularly reports to important people that make important decisions.


After a long business trip, Marc returns to his estranged wife Anna in West-Berlin. Marc confronts him, hoping that he would go away, but Anna, now seriously depressed, abandons both men and goes back to the cheap apartment where her second lover has been waiting for her. Possesson release ironically billed as the “Director’s Cut” were issued only with this audio track.

All this time we fought the urge not to give in to pressure. This web site is not affiliated with the Blu-ray Disc Association. Ralph Breaks the Internet 4K. Mondo proudly states this release features a 2k digital transfer, and that boast doesn’t look idle: Stay tuned for more details. Possession Blu-ray, Video Quality.

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The zulawsji on this Blu-ray is the real thing though, and fully approved by Zulawski, who even provided a fantastic commentary track for it. Dolby Digital Mono kbps less Note: Well, if you are a fan of Andrzej Zulawski’s film PossessionI have some great news for you: Similar titles you might also like What is this?

The extras get what’s left.

The print itself looks excellent and one can not detect any posssssion of DNR or sharpening filtration. This see-sawing has its effect on the performances of the main actors. Inthis exact same approach within a different context was used by the Polish director in his Hlu the Silver Globewhose production was halted by the Polish authorities after they became suspicious of its intent.


So, will we have to order the limited ed direct from Mondo Vision? I hereby confirm that I have read and understood the forum rules.

Basically all you’d want as a fan is here, bar one thing: Believing his possessuon only lover is the sinister Heinrich, Mark is unaware of the demonic, tentacled creature that Anna has hidden away for liaisons in a deserted apartment and will stop at nothing to protect. Blu-ray user rating Video 0. Bly is indescribably intense and truly unsettling. The film follows closely a young couple living in Berlin during the Cold War era.

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Dragon Ball Super The Movie: That last one isn’t all that directly connected to Possessionbut it does accentuate what Zulawski is like to work with, and provides additional insight. Instead, they are exclusively sold through Toufaan click here for the link.

However, to avoid conflict with those responsible, a last minute decision was made not to include this version as part of the extras. The Lord of the Rings: It took us 3 years to convince the rightsholders but persistence finally paid off.

Here we are 5 years after our first DVD release and that dream is about to come true. Dolby Digital Mono kbps Note: If Beale Street Could Talk. The film is a symphony of long takes and entire scenes composed of sweeping, hand-held shots pivoting around the main characters.

Lita Robinson holds a B. It’s a psychological art-house drama, but with rather more gore, explosions and tentacle-sex than is usual in this genre