I wish atleast people should understand this I am a proud Indian and Hindu too. How many Hindus were there in total in Pakistan in and how many are there now? Bilawal Khan Final Year Eds: I guess husband is to keep her in line and stay in the fold forcibly as a sex slave. The accused has been identified as Rahul 28 , a resident of Dhanas.

I dont know why you are raving about your so called “secular country” when you have incidents like “Babry mosque”. Without having the complete facts, it is the norm of the human and today’s culture to do utmost critics. India is paradise on earth. I remember people frantically exchanging their batches to get into his ward. All those hindus who remained in Pakistan which is a islamic nation were to be blamed for their troubles. A whole night of deliberation and they come to college looking like this! Salah – I have my own personal views on Religions. Why can’t we live like the way we used to when we were kids?

By doing so, “The Dawn” has risen much higher in my opinion, I always thought of this paper as one of very high international standards. And this brings us to our own class function! Sports week was not as blasting as previous years.


Khajoor Mein Atka – Pakistan Army Full Drama – video dailymotion

Stuff like this happens in india all the time, some muslims in india are athiests Zoobie Doobie Final Year Eds: Not sure exactly why armh love to hate others so much when the basic quality as a human being that we have is love. I SAlute FAiza for such courageous reportinghats off to you. The list can go on and on.

But they are an aberration. Their only crime is,they came in this world,and born in a Hindu,family of Pakistan. Cheapster likes I Love Pamela Anderson. Puterea destinului episodul Elwood L.

Khajoor Mein Atka – Pakistan Army Full Drama

After reading the comments from my Muslim friends I see that almost all of them are against forced conversions and say that this is not what Islam preaches. India bags 1st runner up spot at Miss Teen Internationa Social activists perform anti-drug skit at Marine Drive.

Freestyle motocross athletes, wow Mumbaikars with their When Salman Khan teased Katrina Kaif f TV actor Nishant Singh Malkani talks about the strength Namra making it an all girls top wohoo! KAPS had quite an eventful year. The act of forceful coversion as stated in the story has no backing of Islam.


My coaching teachers used to send me study material on e-mail. Sources said the accused allegedly touched the minor girl in an inappropriate manner. I say to all three: No matter what we are One distinguishing feature of KE: Yeah, our only hope in those substages viva tortures!

We dama to be part of a peaceful and tolerant religion–it is time we walk the talk. Respected Naeem Sahib, Salute for your comment regarding the “wrong being done and the need of correction”.

Memoirs of a Hindu girl – Pakistan –

Aug 25, Vishal Dadlani on ‘Swag Se Swagat’ hitting million You will always remain an oart muslim for them. Bilawal Khan Final Year.

Engaged Girl Went to dinner with Mr. I fell in love at KE when I.

Why are participants comparing the situation with that in IndiaIndia is not a failed state like the other. Why this never happens to a Muslim girl with Hindu boy??