A scene goes like this direct translation from the Japanese version: Daaaaang, I want to join in too! Did you say something? Yeah, you are the captain of the first squad. You bastard, what are you peeking at! She started a conversation. Track 13 Ginpachi-sensei Section:

You all are overtly self-conscious, you idiots!! Ouch…what are you doing, danna?! Because the protagonist of that story is Hijikata, you use him to fight her. Also note that this was in Dec , so of course everything is invalid. Somehow, instead of Shinpachi, Okita is here. Yeah okay we got it…. It is the world! The story proceeds and is mostly a Dragon Ball parody.

Are you dreaming about your future omikagu These are some annoying lines! There is a secret to this. This definitely, definitely is not a T-back, Teacher!

Please promise me something, Captain Okita, after I leave, the vice-commander—. First— Kagura started to draw her moving-page comic, and Okita was watching her okijagu skill.

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What sort of underworld society is this? The second stage is a hit-the-buzzer style quiz, and I, Hasegawa will okikagj the one giving out the questions. Put some lenses into his spectacles Gintoki: Next, click this link: I think Katsura-kun is overly self-conscious! Have a secret XXX for Kagura.


You suit a beetle well!! Use it with care. Teacher, more importantly, Kagura is staring at my answers. Danna, is the Yorozuya closing down their business?

They carry some sort of power. Email or Phone Password Forgot account? Why are you talking so nicely.

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The one that is rotten is not the heart! You bastard, what are you peeking at! Oh…what were you hiding just now? Then she meets the Shinsengumi gang. Why do we have to be taught by them?

What did you say? She started a conversation. I was just passing by. Sections of this page.

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Make him free and independent and raise his income Kagura: Did you say something? In other words this is a Ginta-multi RPG where you can change occupations and save cx world. After that, Kagura finally realized the truth.


Whose side are you on?! Um… okikahu I am not dead by the way. Because the protagonist of that story is Hijikata, you use him to fight her What are you talking about?

Drama CD Okikagu Romance Comedy

A natural white haired perm with eyes like dead fish, a plain glasses guy, and on top of that a brazen girl wearing Chinese clothes…there can be no one but them. This was a talk about the interaction and connections borne between the Yorozuya members and Okita. The Connection Between the Yorozuya and Okita.