Princess there is not here. And He has gone forever. Sangkuriang was exstremely tired and desperate. A heart that you eat really careful Tumang. Why you never tell me. Anyways, where is Tumang? Finally, sangkuriang end disappeared into the supernatural.

Riska Dewi Ikhsan as Dayang Sumbi. See that scar on your head? Ngatini, her servant told her to complete two requirement. And time passed by. Her beauty and intelligence made a prince from the heavenly kingdom of Kahyangan desire her as his wife. And the light of that fabric will bring up the light like a dawn. At night, Sangkuriang called his friends, ghosts and fairies to help him.

He not realized that the beautiful woman is his mother.

His faithful dog is laying beside him right now. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Are you not fear? He sat below on the tree and talk to himself. Sangkuriang wonder, “Why is not there a deer today? Legend of Tangkuban Perahu Documents. Then, he dicided to leave his mother for a journey. Why you never tell me.


Then, Sumbi asked a guidance from the God. After that, sangkuriang went wander until he has grown older. Yes, but how obstruct this wedding? No way a child marry his mother self. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: So, she looked sangkurkang beutiful and younger. Many years later, Sangkuriang wandered and found an old house in the forest. Demikian akhir kisah dari cerita sangkuriang dalam bahasa inggris. The prince asked permission from his father to marry Dayang Sumbi.

Inevitably, Dayang Sumbi must fulfill its own promise to marry Tumang, who was once a man who had been cursed by the evil witch into a dog.

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I gotta go, master. Thousands of ways have been done by kings until they finally decided to fight each other for get Dayang Sumbi. I am your mommy.

He even forgot his sangouriang. It became Tangkuban Perahu in West Java. In the morning, Sumbi felt better and stopped crying. She was also a clever dan smart girl. Gogo, go!!! Therefore his handsome, she was also fascinated with him. Firqotun Najiyah as Ngatini and Spirits. Tumang just silent while refused Sangkuriang: The area became a city which is called Bandung. He commanded the genies to build a lake.


Sangkuriang is my son, and he really wants to marry me.

Masih tidak yakin dengan jawabannya? You are a child does not know himself! Sangkuriang then decided to go away from their home and went on a journey. Sangkuriang went looking for crama place where has called by the servant.

Tangkuban Perahu

Legenda Tangkuban Perahu kma Documents. When Dayang Sumbi knew that she hit Sangkuriangs head with a big spoon and expelled him. If like that, I ask you all to fail it in many ways.