I cried like mad for her bcouse what her char did it sooo touchingggg for me. Most Popular Time Travel Dramas. You love me…just as I am. Although I haven’t seen the whole series yet I’m still stuck at ep. The man provides a service and as a client, I can complain about it. That person…is right there….

A middle-aged couple finding love. October 2, at 6: Have to put in a word about that scene when Mi-Ho disappears Neither did I know that one can only voice their opinion if it’s absolutely positive and happy. Hes doesn’t pass the ‘good’ category. And then, from a distance, he hears her voice. Like I said, it’s a personal taste thing as well. Thx javabeans and girlfriday for doing a great job recap this series

And I wanna see their baby “bead. It’s the situation, the flow of story, and the way show deliver a nice scene.

Well, that answers that question. To all others who should write a mystery novel with awesome guesses like “You are just jealous he’s doing good”, well thank you.

Since when a heroine with a tail looks so pretty!!! I agree with you on loving the mirroring of scenes near the end! You love me…just as I am. It’s not his fault. They know just what women want! You must be jealous that he is getting even more popular now with this drama, aren’t you? Dae-woong lands on the cover of magazines, and Hye-in shoots a CF with…Hong-ki? As characters I like them both individually but when together, this two are magical. Please enter your username or email address. I suppose it doesn’t matter on a metaphysical level but still But i don’t know I’m a picky person, but this drama is one of my fav just a short list!


Part of the pleasure of the recaps is sharing our perspectives. Actually when I watch a drama, it’s not the acting who moves me. Okay, can I marry you now? She looks down, stricken, pulling away from him. Dong-joo tells him that today there will be an eclipse.

From wanting to spend every waking moment together? Good call Hong sisters!

The cowardly Dae Woong accidentally frees a gumiho, a legendary nine-tailed fox from Korean mythology. This drama does count as a romantic comedy, but it did what no other drama could: I yeojachniguneun crying throughout the whole episode and I just loved it. Drama Recaps Reach onlinw Sincerity: And to how much you enjoyed the drama?

Wish we could make more clones of you, so you could recap all the Korean Dramas: I can’t wait to watch it again. Thank you both so much for the fabulous recaps every week. He’s close to perfect.

This is so bittersweet! Don’t you maybe think that his acting and how he portrayed his character contributed to the fact that you cried throughout the episode? Some of his scenes were so wooden I thought I was watching Pinocchio not that the character was that compelling to gumijo with.

My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho

Samshin Grandma makes an appearance in the crowd, eyeing the pair with an air of disapproval and worry. Isn’t that he the one make you cry? I feel what u feel. When he fell to the ground sobbing, I kinda paralleled him and did the same thing. Now, although Lee Seung Ki is a horrible actor and almost ruins all his scenes in this nze with overacting, the rest of the cast, the way the episode was shot, the music and all else, yeojafhinguneun our lovely Min Ah, were awesome.


Not about him or his personal life or personality, but about the service he gives me. It’s just, for a drama like this, a more sad ending would’ve been appropriate. Thank to GF and JB for the recap!!! For me, he is a bad actor.

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I might be an oddball, but at least I have some decency and respect for others and their opinions. But apparently she’s back for good. CrazyUnnie October 1, at 9: Thanks to our lovely Dramabeans ladies for the recaps and beautiful reviews. Michelle September 30, at I think when the car hits him and he’s lying there thinking that she’s still there might’ve been an okay way to end the drama. Hmmm October 1, at 1: He was a true gentleman at the end and let her go.

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What a great resolution. There was something magical in this episode that wasn’t in the drama before. Dae-woong prepares to give up his life for Mi-ho, as Mi-ho prepares to leave. I never really yeouachinguneun him, I always felt terribly bad for him and pitied him: One is honest personal opinion because the former is voicing only within the drama content while the other is malicious intention because its original intent is hurt.