The gang meets with Zakappa to retrieve the motorcycle in exchange for his friend, but he gets tricked as Sam and Cat decide to keep Hector. Sam and Cat try several animal shelters, looking for an identical dog. Retrieved November 12, Share this Rating Title: That’s putting it lightly! Nona relays the same logic to Cat at Bots. Zoran Korach as Goomer.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Sikowitz doesn’t find an online charity Goomer is associated with. As for Goomer’s t-shirt, it turns out he was wearing it backwards the entire time. But when Sam finally unlocks the safe, and the girls check out an abandoned room inside, Dice locks them in and sneaks out. Cat figures out the soda’s recipe and sales take off, yet the gang becomes paranoid and decides to shut production down. The restaurant’s manager faints after chasing around the kids on the wheelchair. Retrieved October 1, They visit the hospitalized Stacey, seriously injured in the bike accident the two saw in the reality show clip, and they obtain the other shoe.

Sam’s motorcycle is also missing, prompting her to wake up Cat, who cannot remember anything that happened because of a drug misuse.

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After Cat watches the news for her homework, she and Sam become fascinated by a story about an online vendor that delivers its packages via flying drones. So the babysitters devise a plan to get the two to meet, but things go wrong when they fight, and injure each other.

Afterward, Sam gets ready to leave, but Cat, not wanting to stay alone, asks her to stay. Sam, after Carly moves away to Italy, has decided to wander the country.


Never having wanted their revenge plot to escalate to death, Gwen and Ruby feel wretched about what they have done and quickly turn against one another, throwing a fit outside. Sam slapping her forehead: They point out that they lost their dog six months earlier, around the time Dice found Opee in an alley, and demand it be returned. Nona relays the same logic to Cat at Bots.

One of the drones ends up removing Nona’s wig before leaving. She ends up rescuing Poober, and replacing it with the pineapple maddaboutshoe of Sam and Cat’s money. They are rewarded with free cheeseburgers for the rest of their lives.

Sam and Cat attempt to save their favorite TV show That’s a Drag from being cancelled while babysitting two annoying kids named Bob and Ethan, but despite Cat’s best and desperate efforts, she and Sam are unable to convince the producer to keep the show airing. Sikowitz doesn’t find an online charity Goomer is associated with. Cat figures out the soda’s recipe and sales take off, yet the gang becomes paranoid and decides to shut production down.

Sam and Masaboutshoe then go to the house and confront those babysitters.


The babysitting doesn’t go as planned, as Cat accidentally puts Goomer’s tongue-drop medicine in his eyes, blinding him the night before his big match against the undefeated John “Skull Crusher” Zakappa. Retrieved November 12, The babysitters realize they work best as a team and share the master bedroom. Views Read Edit View history. Sam and Cat are about to babysit an eleven-year-old girl named Ellie, but the girl’s mom talks to them first wanting to make a deal with the two to get rid of Poober, Ellie’s ane animal since she was three.


And Cat does just that, the night before the holiday, peeking at what Sam got her and finding it insulting.

Trivia Special Guest Star: TV by the Numbers. Defying the ban, the girls involve themselves, along with Goomer and Dice, in a secret manufacturing operation.

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Sam creates a distraction by faking an injury, and Dice tries to steal the lamp. Episode Clip Nick Videos”. College Football, “48 Hours” Lead the Pack”. Paul Coy Allen [27].

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I feel like you’re messing with me. They cannot initially identify the correct baby, but Sam pushes Nona to the floor, successfully reproducing an incident which caused the baby to laugh back at their house.

The gang panics, knowing the baby’s mother will soon arrive, and they go to the retailer’s factory to find the child. Oscar-nominee Kevin Feige gives an update on the next stage of the MCU and when we can expect to hear some concrete details. Meanwhile, the doll seems to be in a new location every time Sam and Cat look at it, terrifying them.

Sam and Cat babysit a girl named Kim, who is struggling with math in school.