Soli has done prodigious research about the Vietnam War, particularly about the role of female war photographers, and so is able to imbue an otherwise deeply romantic book with a strong sense of history. Perhaps mankind will always fight stupid wars. But then Helen jumps out, desperate for a few final photographs, and leaves Linh to escape alone. The foreign country and patriarchal society are excruciatingly difficult for Helen. Mar 03, Book Concierge rated it it was ok Shelves: Through these two men, Helen learns the toll war takes on those tasked with documenting its reality. Apr 04, Wendy rated it it was amazing.

I have this book on my Wish List. March 30, Publisher: One came to love another through repeated touch, he believed, the way a mother bonded with her newborn, the way his family had slept in the communal room, brushing against one another, the patterning through nerve endings, a laying of pulse against pulse, creating a rhythm of blood, and so now he touched others, strangers, only fleetingly, without hope. It combines the horror of war with the beauty of the Vietnamese countryside; you experience the city, the jungle, the village. As a woman in war, she’s viewed as a curiosity, a sexual object, a harbinger of bad luck, an inconvenience. Helen, an American photojournalist, is determined to get photos of the end of the decade-long conflict in Vietnam. I need to read a narrative to be able to truly FEEL what a period in history was like. The novel opens as the city of Saigon falls in

Feb 18, Tasha rated it liked it Shelves: She pierces right through all the bullshit about war synosis general and the Vietnam debacle in particular. As Helen embarks on a passionate affair with Darrow, she also falls in love with Vietnam and its people.


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Helen’s ambition, damaged psyche — her younger brother was killed earlier in the war — and adrenaline addiction bring her to the attention of the legendary combat photographer Sam Darrow and his assistant, the silent, indispensable Linh. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: The other side of my experience while reading was a sense of doubt.

But the perfect title will be more than a quote or an image from the book it fronts. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: But no matter how much I was disappointed in her actions, I still liked her and wanted her to succeed.

“The Lotus Eaters” by Tatjana Soli – Melody & Words

The mark of good writing is that the author wil I had such high hopes for this book. Thanks for telling us about the problem. For three years Helen had taken pictures in Vietnam. However, for me, the worst part of this book was that I could not fully appreciate the motivation and emotions of the characters.

This is a hard one for me to review. I fell in love with this novel from the very first word.

The Lotus Eaters: A Novel Summary & Study Guide

Book provided by publisher for review. The author’s knowledge and interest in Vietnam shined through on every page.

I felt that something very bad was going to happen, and when it did, I almost got sick with fear. Nov 14, Judy rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Soli includes a long bibliography of works she used to research Vietnam and Southeast Asia during the time period portrayed in the book. At times, I was so aggravated by her. The war is in tatnana home. Initially, Soli’s mess of melodrama is as dense and impenetrable as the jungle itself.


I love your thoughts on non-fiction versus historical fiction. You can follow my reviews at literarycornercafe. This i Wow, this is a great debut novel. It has a fair number of synopwis. By the end of this visceral, emotionally electrifying novel, I forgot all thoughts of return to the real world. But yes, I would recommend this to anyone for whom the subject appeals.

These details make an already unbeleivable story tatmana grating.

The Lotus Eaters by Tatjana Soli

She arrives and immediately jumps into Darrows bed, knowing he’s a married man. Anna Diary of sunopsis Eccentric says: Before, there had been this small, shiny thing inside her that had kept her immune from what was happening, and now she knew it had only been her ignorance, and she felt herself falling into a deep, dark place. Papaya, grapefruit, water palm, mangosteen, orange—fruit of every variety grew in abundance, dropping with heavy thuds on the ground to burst in hot flower in the sun.

Americans entered the war following the failure of the French to colonize Vietnam and keep Ho Chi Minh out. I gave away my signed copy of “The Lotus Eaters” the beautiful hard copy. I kept hoping for more. Those who ate the honeyed fruit of the plant lost any wish to come back and bring us news.