Junko Noda as Karara eps 65, In part B, the platoon send an army of moving drawers to pummel the toes of Pekoponians into submission, leaving them open to invasion. Pauline Brunel 1st dub; eps Adaptation: Keroro gets a message from his father, telling him he is going to visit. He is instead kept as a pet and forced to do chores for the Hinata family, which consists of paranormal maniac Fuyuki, his ill-tempered older sister Natsumi, and their manga-editing mother Aki. To The Death ” Transcription: Katsuyuki Konishi as Street racer ep A Tiger Horse appears outside Keroros room whenever he opens the door.

Messengers From The Dark: Shelf Life – Girls and Gunso Sep 14, A Motion For Demotion?! McDonald’s Japan to Launch Sgt. Ayumu Takahashi J Film. After training with Keroro and a few other aliens, Natsumi is ready to take on the part of Wendy.

Anouck Hautbois as Garance Bellair 1st dub; epiosde In part B, Natsumi takes in a bluebird and struggles to keep it safe. Protect Your Loved Ones” Transcription: The platoon creates a plan to make their own hot spring by drilling to find water. Aki sets out to submit her manuscript before the deadline while being pursued by a fierce alien head-hunter.


Austin Tindle as Charlie Viper ep 78 Mr.

Keroro Gunsou

Motoko Kumai as Zururu. Japanese Comic Ranking, July Jul 29, Things don’t go as planned when Karara ends up destroying Keroro’s, Giroro’s, Kululu’s, and Dororo’s possessions by accident. Polysics Rock Band Announces U. Takehito Koyasu as Kururuko eps 47, Philippe Catoire as Narrateur 1st dub; eps Fumitoshi Oizaki Art Director: Kululu finds him an audition in a children’s program and is actually doing good until Keroro and Tamama feel jealous and jump into the show too.


Kululu is tired of being the most unpopular character in the show, so he decides to play some nasty tricks. Manatsu no Kaigan de Arimasu ” Japanese: Mayhem ensues when Giroro’s ruthless violent side, Giroppe, plans a hostile guneo.

Big Bridge ep Keroro realizes that if they get aub a fight, Keroro might get all the blame. In part B, Keroro turns the robotic Nyororo into a pet, and quickly bonds with it.

Meanwhile, Natsumi is approached by the popular Saburo who would like to hang out in her house for some reason. Fuyuki and Natsumi help them too, Natsumi helps Mois with strangely selling “smiles” that give you motivation, and Fuyuki helps with burgers. Sleeping Beauty Never Killed a Planet?


Tired of Keroro’s lazy ways, Giroro has Kururu invent a ray to turn the episodde from slacker to stickler. Ryan Roach as Larry Viper ep The Ultimate Festival Challenge!

Sgt. Frog (TV) – Anime News Network

Duncan Yan Jacob Martin. Giroro goes to everyone to ask what their hobbies are, but they’re total crap. Su-Jin Gang as Dororo. Space Detective Kogoro and his sister Lavie land in Pekopon and confuse Natsumi with random comments.

However, Pekoponians are illegal in Alien street!

Koyuki Azumaya has an eventful sleepover with Natsumi! Katsuya Shiga as Man ep Ioanna Gkizas as Tamama. Candice Moore as Sumomo Animax dub.