I inhale Ecchi now. Then you meet Hisoka and things aren’t as they seem. Add – More Kamisama no Memochou. Add – More Kaichou wa Maid-sama!: I usually download an anime by episode but sometimes when I prefer torrent I go to bakabt. Once I binge watched a bunch of harem shows I felt like I was slipping into danger territory back in the day I was afraid of becoming a fat basement dweller if I watched too much. Add – More Zombie-Loan.

Add – More Karakurizoushi Ayatsuri Sakon. Get bored, take time off, look at best of thread or best of last year thread, watch 3 or 4 pretty rad shows, get bored. Add – More Enzai. Full song link posts are considered low-effort unless officially uploaded and newly released. Anime List Manga List. Y0jcM2FW [ Del ] http: If I could, I’d wipe my memories of watching it and rewatch as if it were my first time again. Add – More Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu.

Add – More Saigo no Door wo Shimero! If you like a thinking mans anime, Code Geass.

Add – More Kirepapa. Add – More Devil May Cry. Anyway, I would suggest: I have been an avid anime fan in the 90s, but lost interest on college, when I though I’m done with anime suddenly around early I saw a random episode of DN Angel of Riku and Risa visiting the house of Daisuki, I have a huge grin on my face the entire episode.


Add – More X-Men. That’s where I get my ideas from.

Hide Ads Login Sign Up. Still a very valid point. I’ve seen a lot of bad bad ones recently. Then the revival happened.

Manga No favorite manga yet. Wasn’t enjoying it anymore. I got disenfranchised with what I use to watch Naruto, bleach so didn’t keep up to date. The feels are there, the comedy too. Add – More Kamisama no Memochou. OpXTX [ Del ] watchanimeon. Add – More Otome Youkai Zakuro. Add – More Hoshi wo Ou Kodomo. Add – More Ashita no Nadja. Quit after going on a crazy watching spree marathon-ed a bunch of things. Add – More Finder Series.

Add – More Soul Eater. Since early Inuyasha, was definitely Attack on Titan. I just had to check it out.


And a teary kid that most everyone would love to see DIE lol. Neither of my Admins plugged the Anime Fans!

Add – More Slayers. Add – More Fushigi no Kuni no Miyuki-chan. Add – More Vampire Knight. Add – More Nurarihyon no Mago: From there, I rekindled, and I started making a little more time for a few episodes a week. I’m actually in that phase right now. Madoka was the ajilinkz ending I was able to happily accept.

People who stopped watching anime for some time, which anime “re invoked” your interest? : anime

Add – More Tenchi Muyou! Again, this one isn’t action heavy by any means, but it’s different, beautiful, and really quite philisophical. Ghost in the Shell: B75qoi4H [ Del ] Gogoanime, crunchyroll are my favs: I first got into anime 16 years ago when I watched Pokemon, and I continued to watch anime for the next eight years.


The shows here are both some of my personal favorites, and among the most well received shows on the MAL rankings.

Attack on Titan followed by SAO, even though I know both of them aren’t always regarded as “good” shows.

Add – More Hyakujitsu no Bara. Kara no Kyoukai 7 movies note: YKiaZGs3 [ Del ] dubbedepisodes. I’ve been through many different websites, some worked, then failed. Another friend ktanagatari usually only likes violent anime has now watched all 39 episodes of K-On! This site has it for androids as well. Read naruto and bleach consistently but stop watching anime around spring