Kerime, who is completely taken a back with what she has found out, and on the verge of telling Feride about everything, takes off. Meanwhile Sari has had enough of Mahir and he convinces the other leaders as Killed by Mehmet Saim. This time, it really seems difficult for Mehmet Saim to stop Kerime. MBC Pro Sport live,. He must stop Mahir immediately. Can I make a topic hidden or private?

Jax is abducted by the local sheriff and. Tony waits for Malik and then calls him, only for Malik to prank him by pretending to be Indian telephone sales agent. For Feride, the day of departure has come at last. Sosyete and Mehmet Saim have a showdown. Sign up with Facebook Sign up with Twitter. Episodes from season one are:

When they cannot find any money on him, they eye the wedding ring on his finger. Feride has turned upside down all of Mahir’s plans unknowingly. Tony then accuses Malik of not taking the business seriously, that he has to solve all the problems in the business and resigns. See also TV Schedule. Malik greets Suli Breaks in the shop who recognises Malik from the high street competition and Malik gives his shopping for free, Suli then asks to stick his Facebook status on the window.

Will Mahir make that step that Feride is She makes her move to murder Nedime. Tony watches the news on television and then goes to the shop to find Zack who regains consciousness and tells him that Malik has been kidnapped. A horrible virus spreads from the local Pharmacy, turning everyone on the high street into zombie-like beings!

Feride, who found out that her father has been shot, goes to Mehmet Saim’s side. Malik receives an anonymous phonecall who tells Malik that his delivery van will get hijacked by one of the caller’s employees.

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Golden Butterfly Awards [4]. Falls in love with Mahir Kara without knowing that he’s son of Nazif Kara.


Tony arrives in the shop and tells Malik he wants to buy milk, his shop got shut down as a health inspector found a rat and he now sells DVDs. He wants to be a brave guy just like his Uncle Mahir. Aleesha Shamila Nazirleaves the shop after finding out-of-date bread and is then greeted by Malik with an Irish accent who she tells that she is not Irish but from Manchester.

Malik comes up with a plan to use Valentines to his advantage! But when Riaz calls Malik, Mia tells Malik she will see him in two hours for the inspection. The city of Istanbul is beautifully portrayed to depict the historical splendor of the place and its enchanting people.

For them Mahir has become a huge mystery that keeps on growing. They ask Orhan to murder Mahir. Malik and Tony embark on an adventure around the high street to investigate what happened, but the situation is even worse than they expected Malik interviews Zack Naresh Kumargives him three months probation as a security guard at the shop and then performs an initiation ceremony with Tony.

Will Kerime be able to tell Feride that the real criminal is her father, Mehmet Feride is somehow not convinced that Belgin was looking for her mother, so Feride and Mahir continue to investigate. Feride does not believe at all Mahir who said “I shot your father”.

Malik defeats Patrick, Shantelliqua and Claudia, then Harry the Hobo appears asking for paracetamol and is dragged away. His purpose is to explain to Feride what happened and to confess that he shot her father. Feride breaks down the moment she sees Mahir and Belgin lip to lip kissing. Mahir needs another plan to enter that lodge and sit with the Kabadayis at the same table. While all of this is happening, Mehmet Saim made the decision to marry Feride off, who was unable to break off from Mahir at all.


He then suggests cleaning the shop and asks Tariq for help. This section does not cite any sources.

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Vehbi realized that Belgin had someone take dossier from his house. At an totally unexpected moments the notes and certain personal effects that come to Necdet remind him of only one person.

Turgut tells Necdet that he must pay for his betrayal.

Malik then chases after Meena and Melis. A black sheep in Dalyan’s Raza gang, who has been involved on attack on the new market. Malik announces that since Riaz, Epksode and Rohim have been given their training it is time to put this into practise.

Al kabaday episkde 2. What will Mehmet Saim’s new plan be? Mahir, who said that he will not leave Safiye and Little Nazif’s blood at their place left to dry is the only suspect.

In return for his father, he has to break out Nail’s son who is saisoon prison. Mia Gina Badhenthe health and safety inspector, arrives looking for Malik, however, Malik puts on a Jamaican accent and feigns ignorance. However, something that they did not count into the plan happened and Feride, who has been looking for Mahir, followed him secretly and came to the carpentry workshop.

Malik plays Playstation while his Mum nags him about going to work, and the rumours and controversy surrounding him.