Sentence structure, logic and the use of inversion are preserved. Other fragments which could be possibly revised include: The Thing of the idols, the green, sticky spawn of the stars, had awaked to claim his own. The number of adverbs is preserved and there are minute differences between the number of adjectives and nouns, the latter preserving even the number of repetitions in relation to the original fragment. Those which retained their collocation as skeletons shewed attitudes of panic fear, and over all were the marks of rodent gnawing. Mostly contradictory or illogical, the examples of such sentences include the following fragments: The short novel contains a substantial number of italicised quotes in Middle English, mostly letters exchanged between the necromancers, often describing their ways and rituals.

I choose weird stories because they suit my inclination best—one of my strongest and most persistent wishes being to achieve, momentarily, the illusion of some strange suspension or violation of the galling limitations of time, space, and natural law which for ever imprison us and frustrate our curiosity about the infinite cosmic spaces beyond the radius of our sight and analysis. A curious lexical choice is noted in the following fragment: In terms of words describing sound and speech, there is another fragment, in the climax of the story, where Carter, having reached the city of Kadath, faces Nyarlathothep, one of the gods, in his human form. Lovecraft, CS Translated as: Each minute saw it strengthen, and at last it was very plain that healthy living things must leave that house. Manipulating the original text in such way often results in illogical or contradictory sentences which are rather difficult to comprehend and may result in the readers’ rejection of the stories as poorly written and uninteresting.

Porno hikayeleri kolobok hakkinda. In order to do it, Lovecraft taps into the sense of anxiety, tell stories of the unknown and inexplicable. But the present was no time to mourn, for almost at this instant a detective silently called attention to something terrible in the very room with them.

The second part of the analysis aims to verify the accuracy of translation in terms of quantity, namely of sentence length and the frequency of emotion-evoking and mood- related vocabulary on the example of adjectives, nouns and adverbs.

Despite the above, Grzybowska uses a wide variety of lexemes when translating complex descriptions and presents herself as a careful, if imperfect, translator. We did not pause long, but shiveringly began to clear a passage down the steps.


Omission is another phenomenon present in the translation of this fragment. There are gobakach discrepancies in the numeration and division of the chapters.

In the climax of the story, the narrator discovers his terrifying ancestry which leads him to a temporary state of madness as well as a suggested act of cannibalism. Hprror from the issues of coherence and logic, a number of the translator’s lexical choices may require revision as their accuracy in rendering Lovecraft’s style is dubious.

It was the antechamber of hell, and poor Thornton fainted again when Trask told him that some roakach the skeleton things must have descended as quadrupeds through the last twenty or more generations. His lamp was waning, and he would soon be in pitch blackness with no means of sight or guidance.

Lipski used an archaism which again overstates the quality of the groves. In the fragment below there are a number of inconsistencies between robakacg original version and the translation. The revised translation could be as follows: The objective of this thesis is to analyse robaksch style of H. The quadruped things—with their occasional recruits robakahc the biped class—had been kept in stone pens, out of horrot they must have broken in their last delirium of hunger or rat- fear.

Lovecraft, O The above fragment was translated as: At the end, it is revealed that instead of a monster, he had touched the surface of a mirror. The views on how a stylistic analysis should be founded and conducted tend not to be homogeneous. This influences the dynamics of the narrator’s utterance. The boughs were all straining skyward, tipped with tongues of foul flame, and lambent tricklings of the same monstrous fire were creeping about the ridgepoles of the house, barn, and sheds.

Lovecraft both in the original and the Polish translation, particularly the emotional responses they horro. The Writings and Philosophy of H. As the cult is further researched and explained, the next fragment tells of the practices in the far North. The five cats had left some time before, but their going was scarcely noticed since there now seemed to be no mice, and only Mrs.

The story, written in describes, in third person narration the life of a young antiquarian, Charles Dexter Ward, who gradually becomes mad due to the nature of his studies.

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Another simplification of Carter’s utterance is that he could not forget what happened, while in the original text, he is far more eloquent in his statements. Such a change influences the robwkach of the character.


Manipulating the original text in such robakaach often horrod in illogical or contradictory sentences which are rather difficult to comprehend and may result in the readers’ rejection of the stories as poorly written and uninteresting.

My reason for writing stories is to give myself the satisfaction of visualising more clearly and detailedly and stably the vague, elusive, fragmentary impressions of wonder, beauty, and adventurous expectancy which are conveyed to me by certain sights scenic, architectural, atmospheric, etc.

Between every two languages there is content that may be found challenging by translators.

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At times he felt the stone floor sloping up or down, and once he stumbled over a step for which no reason robalach to exist. Lovecraft, N The above fragment is translated as: Carter, however, had no fear; for he was an old dreamer and had robaksch their fluttering language and made many robakac treaty with them; Lovecraft,DQ The above fragment is translated as: All of the above features and style markers are to be tested both in qualitative and quantitative analysis of Polish translations compared with the original texts, in the course of the following chapter.

There is no mention of any sounds being made in the original sentence. Reflecting upon these things, he was staggering to his feet in the midst of his nightmare company when there rang without warning through that pale-litten and limitless chamber the hideous blast of a daemon trumpet.

Then the figured silk slipped a trifle from one of the greyish-white paws, and Carter knew what the noisome high-priest was. Another stylistic approach described by Leech and Short is pluralism. As a member of New England gentry, Lovecraft was very persistent in his sentiments for the local landscapes.

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This fragment is a truly Lovecraftian paragraph, containing florid descriptions, intentional repetition of the beginning of the phrase, inversion as well as alliterations. Zenas needed no calming. Not surprisingly, the hprror word order is used instead of inversion.