The Click – April 1st – April 7th Apr 1, Naotsugu Uchida Sound Effects: Chihiro Suzuki as Megane-kun. This salacious yuri melodrama is anything but Class S. Yakiguri Seijin ” Japanese: Young Ethan and Penelope take an immediate liking to each other, and play and play all day until they both fall asleep exhausted and happy. After moving to a new house with his owner, 5th grader HirokoHaruna, Hamtarou discovers other hamsters and quickly makes friends. But this morning, Laura is late for school, and on her way out the door, she accidentally snatches the candy for her dad rather than the chocolates for Travis!

However, Hamtaro and Bijou think Boss was brave and that he “lowered his head to feint the cat”. Will Justice Hero Hamha-Man save his friends? Yoshi invites them back to his mother’s house. Keep in mind that these rankings are based on how people rated indi Picking up where the last episode left off, Hamtaro and Oxnard locate Sandy’s twin brother, Stan, owned by another instructor at Hillary’s gym, and bring him back to the Clubhouse. Laura has to clean the chickens’ cage, but they chase after the Ham-Hams.

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Chiara Zanni as Hamtaro. Elder Ham has selected Hamtaro to be the next Santa Ham for Christmas, but when Bijou finds out, she tags along with Hamtaro to hamtar him in delivering presents to other hamsters. The series involves the adventure of a brave and childlike hamster named Hamtaro, with his Ham-Ham friends. Hariuddo Nano ” Japanese: Kokku San ” Japanese: Hamuhamu Torein ” Japanese: Oxnard wants to see Pepper. Cristina Hernandez as Laura Haruna.


Hamtaro dreams that he drives a train to deliver letters, but Boss, Okini, Mystery, and Magical are pirates trying to hijack the train. Alexandra Carter as Rosie. Will Bijou make it on time to have the date with Hamtaro? A hamster known as Chef Ham visits the Ham-Ham Clubhouse with several cooking methods up his sleeves.

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Lion’s vehicle clinic, but Brandy is anything but excited to head there. This week, Nick and Andy find out how this influential story has held up in The Ham-Hams use Laura’s hat to get her father’s attention and successfully lead him to hamttaro girls.

Shiawase No Pendanto ” Japanese: Patricia Marmoras as Maxwell. They are taken to a place in the woods where they find Oxnard, and they meet gardeners named Eggy-P and Tomy-T. The Ham-Hams resume construction on their amusement park after last night’s thunderstorm, but the storm had done some damage onto the entire unfinished park. Dexter and his owner Curtis are going to move. Cartoon Network Anime Schedule Jan 12, But things begin to go awry when Hector the ostrich not only escapes from his cage but also takes the picnic Mr.

Hamtaro says he met a hamster like that once in a dream. Columbia Music Entertainment Production: Boss is drawing Bijou, but it doesn’t turn out right. The Ham-Hams must get back to the surface, and discover that Penelope and Brandy are their only hope to escape the flood. At Laura’s school, something strange is happening. Giancarlo Martino Theme Song Composition: Kana likes to play with cards and tell people’s fortunes, and lately she is getting good at it!


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Laura has to clean the chickens’ cage, but they chase after the Ham-Hams. Laura and Kana return to school.

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Sandy asks Hamtaro to find out if Maxwell feels the same about her; Hamtaro is unable to do so. So the Ham-Hams want to make a new room for Boss to play and relax in.

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Artur Kaczmarski as Hillary Laura’s Dad. Agata Gawronska as Maxwell.

The Ham-Hams have hamaro Halloween celebration, but Otome and her crew get scared because they think that the Ham-Hams in their costumes are monsters. Meanwhile, Penelope is sad that Pashmina is not with the Ham-Hams. Wataru Takagi as Hidemaro Ichijyou ep Stan begins to ride with wild boars.