When Maxwell reads a love story his owner Yume wrote, Sandy asks Maxwell if he likes someone. Can she retrieve the seeds for Hamtaro? Oxnard and Pepper are going to get married and all the Ham-Hams are happy to watch Oxnard and Pepper get married. Meanwhile, Laura gets an A and she tries to tell her parents, but they’re too busy and Laura tells them about that in the evening after their return. Besuto Furendo ” Japanese: How to add photo or GIF from web: However, the Rainbow Girls will not allow this and pursue the Ham-Hams.

Yoshi so carefully prepared! Meanwhile, Hamtaro learns that Laura and her fellow students will put on “Sunflower Taro” as their next school play. This article needs additional citations for verification. Egao Nitodoke ” Japanese: Yoshi take care of Yamato. What should we add next? Penelope, crushed to see her new friend go, runs away and has her mind set to follow Herbert wherever he goes. It’s New Year’s, and Penelope and one of the chickens become friends.

They spend all day searching and searching for the mysterious treasure but the map leads them in circles right back to Elder-Ham’s house! Meanwhile, it’s a school trip. When Bijou’s owner Maria begins struggling with her piano lessons and recital, Hamtaro and his fellow hams decide to bring Maria out into the open fields to relax. Yoshi take care of Yamato. After watching a space film at the local Space Observatory, Hamtaro begins to wonder if he himself is really an alien and that he’s not destined to be with Laura.

Eventually Hamtaro and Boss share the story with the other Ham-Hams.

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Taiho Nano ” Japanese: Hamtaro observes as Laura’s Mom, having a moment to relax at last, looks out the window and remembers fondly the last time she had free time to go out and enjoy the pretty autumn leaves.


Niwatori Taikai ” Japanese: Snoozer comforts Bijou and convinces her to make up with Hamtaro.

But Hamtaro and the Ham-Hams run into epjsode when an escaped monkey begins to chase after them! Oxnard is all excitable over her visit, but things become complicated when Pepper ventures out into the city alone.

Boss and Stan compete. Hamuhamu Uedeingu ” Japanese: But that may prove to be more difficult than they thought Bijou is going on a date with Hamtaro because Mystery and Magical told her fortune. Nande meets Mystery and Magical, and Magical tries to be as good as Mystery is at magic tricks.

Also, Boss and Stan compete to see who is better at skiing. Haruna’s horror-story writer friend who lives in a big, fancy mansion. Yume no Naka ” Japanese: Omar visits and takes a rest, and meanwhile, Snoozer rides hzmtaro on Omar’s turtle. hamtaroo

Hamtaro dreams that Bijou, Pashmina, Penelope, and Sandy are normal singers and dancers by day, but at night they are Girl Thieves. Yakusoku no Neverland hamgaro Oxnard accidentally lets the chickens out of the cage.

Can Oxnard clear his name? Mahou no Tane ” Japanese: Can the Ham-Hams save their precious club? Bijou is reluctant to go, because she thinks that if her owner, Maria, returns before her, she’ll be sad if she sees her hamster has disappeared. Hariuddo Nano ” Japanese: Sparkle decides to stick to being a star.

Skyham begins to have a crush on Pashmina, Howdy and Dexter begin to be jealous, and Penelope is upset and she runs away from her best friend.


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At the same time, Laura decides to visit Maria out of concern. Hamtaro Seasons 2, 3, and 4 hamtark released that way. Pashmina’s owner June loves ballet. They go into the forest by the park for the party when they are ambushed by the Halloween Phantom and Wolf-Ham, who turns out to be Auntie Viv and Elder Ham.

Lazuli makes a magical seed experiment, but it keeps failing. She promises to never leave her home again, meaning she cannot see her friends ever again.

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Laura is cultivating veggies, and the Ham-Hams think it would be fun to cultivate their own food too. Who will Boss choose? Yoshi go to the beach, and the Ham-Hams go too. Yoshi’s mother tells them about a mysterious snow woman who haunts the mountain.

The Ham-Hams, who are more than willing to help her, pack their things and set out to find the treasure. Hamtaro finally returns to Laura. It is epusode revealed that cat belongs to one of Laura’s classmates, Mia. The Ham-Hams decide to have a picnic as well, but Bijou can’t go because Maria is sick.