The moral high-ground isn’t whether you fight back or not, it’s what you fight for. Yes, it led us into the assumption that Kang To’s cover has been blown off, however both him and Mok Dan did not escape the situation right away. Page 1 Page 2 Next page. Dongduck , by the way, was one the earliest modern private institutes in Korea’s history. Page 1 Page 2 Next page. Mok Damsari 26 episodes, Seok-Hwan An This tells me that he sees capturing Gaksital as his way out. And Shunji killed 1 of them ’cause he was seeing Kang To’s in trouble.

I love it too!!! The assassin wonders, why would Gaksital protect Kang To? He really has to understand at least some of what his brother felt now. Rie agrees, but says she hopes his trap is ironclad and perfect to justify the release: That would be funny. I’m excited to see everyone’s reaction when they find out he’s gaksital especially the joseon people lol I mean, they hated him so much.

I am learning so many things by participating on blogs like this one: Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: MsB July 12, at 6: I think the transformation of Gang To is quite logical. Oh also, I forgot to say something! But then to be fair with her, she still hasn’t gone through any life-altering moment that would give her personal growth just yet, and maybe knowing the true identity of gaksital would be that moment?

I wonder how he will get out from this sticky situation.

GF, you must get the best episodes. Stop being anal over his “lack of acting skills”. Both Kang To and Shunji playing mind simmary. Kye-soon listens at the door as and collects more cash for her spying.


Argh sumary, you’re so lucky! I really want to have Koiso beat up. Lee Kang To 28 episodes, Gi-woong Park Sure enough, Gaksital puts in an appearance amid the despairing villagers. It stuns Kang-to, and he freezes for a moment behind the wall. But he still has a very small view of what he needs to do — everything is immediate and reactionary like punishing the bank or newspaper menor driven by his love for Mok Dan, not necessarily The Cause.

That’s all kinds of mindfuckery right there lol And then we have the love story of Kang To and Mok Dan, which is a cliche, but not so much. Anyway, elsewhere there is a meeting being held where Chief Kimura is presiding. Even though I was getting tired of the Shunji vs. There’s a cougar after your man.

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The ending is so But given his calm demeanor and the fact that he’s NOT showing up in his gaksital outfit means that this is all part of his plan, right?! LOL is this the idea of there is a fine line between xummary and hate?

No, don’t fucking do that.

How important it is and is it worth risking everything you love? Shunji meanwhile, dresses up to go to the circus when Kang San wades in, looking for Kang To. What is in the water? I’m actually ethnically Korean, so really, I owe it to the Independence fighters for being able to have a mother country. Emotional developments of Mok Dan once she realizes Gaksital is Kang-to 3. Kachiyama smiles as he tells her: He heads to the circus and sends Kang-to to the pension.


Star July 25, at 1: Then, the torture meted out will be much worse. Buzzkill, why you gotta remember now that Kang-to was there in the courthouse taking smiley-face pictures when Gaksital arrived? Ivoire July 14, at I was soooo excited!!!

Sukmary Kangto is not ready to fully embrace Gaksital in its entirety because Shunji may play a big part in this. Lise July 12, at 6: Think it one of the best dramas out there. I really hope Shunji could stop his suspicion to Kang To. The frown’s been annoying me too. But I hope it’s the cheers and happy faces from the market people that will soften his heart little by little.

Kang-to and shunji must be thinking, “grrrr why is it so hard to love this girl?

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Gaksitl July 13, at Episode 6 by Helcat. Gaksital is slated for 24 episode so more Joo Won! Shunji tells him to go, but then calls out for him to stop. TBH, I was shocked at the believability — my dear Shunji has a monster in him.

Stepping closer, his words turn to entreaty: But his counter-moves to Shunji in this episode were pitch-perfect, in giving Shunji just enough to make his suspicions true loving Mok Dan all this while behind his backwhile making him feel like an idiot for jumping to wild conclusions about being Gaksital.