Only a minute or two after she left, the suspect claimed to need to use the restroom insisting that if Takagi didn’t let him go that he’d just go in his seat. With the assistance of the Detective Boys, he went back to each witness, keeping this second investigation secret per Sato’s instructions since the man, claiming his innocence, had escaped because he wanted to go to his daughter’s wedding. Retrieved August 26, The boy was long gone with only a ransom note for one million yen remaining behind. Ai develops an attachment to Detective Takagi after he takes her to the hospital. At first, he was rather calm about it, saying he’d be back once the case was finished.

At a fireworks show just before closing, the mule made the handoff. Just In All Stories: Though they found the drug mule with Takagi’s bag, they didn’t try to take it, instead waiting for the exchange so they could arrest the supplier. This might be called a particular date. Voiced by Rie Tanaka JP. Later a murder occurs in a man’s home when he hires the Junior Detectives to search his house for a watch.

What episode does Sato and Takagi kiss (detective conan)?

Sato loaned him her keepsake: He also has takqgi that he likes to play the maracas. However, Conan started once again pointing out inconsistencies with the crime sat, allowing everyone to realize that this wasn’t a suicide but a murder.

Does not follow plot line of Zeta. Click here to edit contents of this page. But during the case, Ran acts quite friendly towards the doctor’s son Tomoaki Araidethat Jimmy feels jealous.

Shiratori realized he’d seen Yumi wearing a bracelet he’d bought for Sato, and Sato told him that she’d loaned it to her since Sato herself wasn’t interested in shiny things. It relates to a bombing crime in the past. But Shiratori correct them that Sato and Takagi plan to “date” next week, when they both taking leave.

Append content without editing the whole page source. Takagi and Satou by sapphirestars reviews From the LJ challenge, 30 kisses and 30 themes for our favorite officers.

Immediately, he berated himself for such thinking since it was his duty as a police officer to solve the case. Case Closed by Gosho Aoyama. At my signal, the game begins at 12PM and ends at 3PM tomorrow. When Date bent over to pick it up, he was struck by a car. Suspecting that Rachel might be onto his real identity, Conan plans on revealing his identity to her until Anita tells him the consequences: Mouri – who along with Conan and his daughter Ran had been riding the train with them – noted that allowing a suspect to kill himself while in custody would likely lead to detectuve such as losing benefits or having a pay cut though he noted that as the officer who allowed the man to stab himself, Takagi would take the worst punishment: His timid personality makes him the Butt-Monkey of sorts to the rest of the police force.


Before he could give the location where Takagi was being held, the poison took effect and he died. Later a murder occurs in a man’s takkagi when he hires the Junior Detectives to search his house for a watch.

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While he and Chiba were struggling to come up with a solution, Takagi got a call from Shinichi who told him to check dettective text messages.

She’s My Partner reviews When Shiratori lifted his head away from her Takagi prayed that would be it, that Satou would tell him to remove his hands and never txkagi her again.

At first Harley appears as Jimmy in disguise, but detectivd is easily found out. At some point Takagi turned himself back over to look up at the sky. Though kind, good-natured, and slow to truly anger, Takagi can come across as bumbling due to being more introverted and inexperienced than most other members of the police force. Who is online Users browsing this forum: A man pretends to be Richard Moore in order to have an inn manager give him a case with clues to a takaagi, but the impersonator dies and the inn’s workers become suspects.

It had fallen to the ground during the robbery, and the robber had stuck it into his pocket, but the robber’s pockets were empty upon search. Sato chose that moment to call, intending to warn him but not knowing that she’d called too late.

His job was safe, but he and Sato still had to take a pay cut. K – English – Humor – Chapters: Sato yelled at him for his indecision, telling him to chase the suspect like a police officer. A threatening letter is sent to the police about an event that will happen during a Tokyo parade. Due to the current kiws, he only had fifteen minutes until sundown. Comalies reviews He was in love with a married woman, working a degrading job before he was hired by Inspector Megure.


Not finding the child or any evidence of him being in any of them, they returned to the apartment and contacted Megure to keep him appraised of the situation.

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Richard is invited to attend a pro wrestling event where a popular wrestler Wolf Face is putting his lucha libre mask on the line. Molten Love reviews He slips the chocolate covered digit between my quivering lips again, this time I moan, my eyes fluttering shut They visit Jodie’s apartment complex, but when their neighbor jumps off a dehective, they suspect a murder.

As they processed the scene, all the stolen jewels were accounted for save one: As for the blue, Takagi had realized that they’d forgotten to take into account that the man was old and that he’d used the old word for green which meant the same as blue. Although I’m sure you must have noticed!

He, Rachel and Conan investigate and find that indeed there are safo incidents: Not too long afterward, Takagi went to a jewelry store to takabi a diamond pin that Yumi told him Sato kiss she liked. The pair survived the drop thanks to the emergency clamps kicking in, but it turned into a shallow victory.

Despite Sato’s orders to stay put, Takagi climbed the stairs to where the elevator had stopped. Fever reviews No, scratch that, if she acted normally, neither of them had to know that she had once again, decided to come to work with a high fever.