Add – More Binchou-tan. Ghost Stories- Average anime dubbed with humorous English script added by the studio. Add – More Eve no Jikan. Add – More Bible Black. Shy boy becomes raging maniac when he becomes lead singer for DMC, a death metal band. Add – More Gosick. Eternal Family – Surreal, Artistic effort but too short and hurried to be great. Add – More Black Jack the Movie.

Add – More Nights. War on Geminar must watch theres some: Add – More Afro Samurai. Similar feel to Aqua – Crunchyroll. Galaxy Express Movie -A truly classic anime , gripping story. Kooky love story pt2 -Crunchyroll Kooky love story pt2 -Crunchyroll. Add – More Asura Cryin’.

Anime To Love Ru Episode 1 English Dub Season 1

Add – More Ano Natsu de Matteru. Wacky supernatural comedy from Oh. Episode 13 Episode Add – More Hachimitsu to Clover Specials. Fine art- sketch animation-Beautiful and melancholy Fine art- sketch animation-Beautiful and melancholy.


Whats not to like? Is the Order a Rabbit? Add – More Crying Freeman. Project Eden movie classic.

Looking for good English Dubbed romance/magic/fantasy anime! please help!?

Add – More Escaflowne. Add – More Blue Gender. Add – More Hinata no Aoshigure. Add – More Gotou ni Naritai. Good action flick but dated. Add – More Alice to Zouroku.

Anime to love ru episode 1 english dub season 1

Cat Planet Cuties – Cute Catgirls and fanservice -englishanimes. Add – More Coyote Ragtime Show. Gambo, One of 4 shorts combined into a movie called Short Peace. Add – More Hanaori. I love tha characters in Genshiken -Crunchyroll.

Add – More Bounen no Xamdou. Add – More Call Me Tonight. Add – More Ghost in the Shell.

Add – More B-gata H-kei. Add – More Fuse: Spirits of the Past. Add – More Fumiko no Kokuhaku. Add – More Binetsu Shoukougun. Add – More Amon: Add – More Ghost in the Shell: Add – More AIKa.


Add – More Cosmos Pink Shock. Add – More Giant Robo the Animation: Obscure 45 min. Not great, but interesting. Cat woman talks to ghosts and fights bad guys. Add – More G Semon is a setup to read the manga Funny but corny story about a kindhearted boy with an evil face.