Shivani is shocked to see Anmol stepping into the restaurant with Ragini. The movie was a box-office hit. The two families, with Vasu and Kaushalya in the lead, try bringing Anmol and Ragini together, and they start to succeed. Ragini regains consciousness and wishes to see Sadhana. Ragini gives birth to a healthy girl. Sadhana delivers a girl child Ragini and Sadhana are happy to visit Kaushalya’s house and relish a special dish made by her. Privacy Public Private Choose whether to make your playlist public or private. Sharma returns from Delhi.

Retrieved 10 September Khan later attended the Hansraj College — and earned his Bachelors degree in Economics honors. Vineet insists on accompanying Alekh to handover the ransom money. Forgot password Forgot Username. Retrieved 8 August Retrieved 12 January Due to a confusion, Ranvir believes Ragini is pregnant and gets very excited only to realize that it’s Sadhna who’s pregnant. Alekh insists that Shlok not delay his marriage with Shivani.

Sadhana stops Ragini from wearing the same bangles as she dreamt of. Kamath, Sudhish 7 December Everyone is shocked to see Sadhana suffering from labour pain. Shivani is furious to see Anmol paying attention to Ragini’s favourite dishes. Columba’s School where he was accomplished in sports, drama, and academics.

Mesajul nu a fost trimis din motive de securitate. Since then, he has been part of numerous commercially successful films and has earned critical acclaim for many of his performances. Vasu is upset to see Alekh in a state of shock.

Retrieved 25 June She requests Ragini to shift to the ground floor of their house.

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Report Category Video contains prohibited content. She delivers a girl, Tammana, but her internal bleeding refuses to stop. Sadhana gets very scared.

The show ended on February 25, with Kushal Punjabi as the winner. Ati trimis prea multe mesaje in ultimul timp. Everyone is shocked when Anmol tells them that his Manager has deceived him by taking his signature on the power of attorney. Everyone is shocked to see Sadhana dead. Retrieved 12 February On her marriage day, Sakshi flees, but Tarun got arrested with the jeweleries and now Sakshi returns making a story for everyone to believe that Tarun was blackmailing her, and thus she went to give Tarun the jeweleries, so as to save the Rajvanshs from getting defamed.


One have been top-grossing Indian productions in the overseas markets, thus making him one of the most successful leading actors of India.

Retrieved 30 January However, each time Mona is fericiri to emerge victorious, without any harm coming her way.

Anmol confesses his love for Ragini. Sadhana is shocked to see Vasu gifting her and Ragini exactly the same clothes and jewellery as she had in her dream.

Sadhana passes away after handing over the temple prasad to Alekh. Please enter eipsode Password for confirmation. Sadhana’s father left her under her Mamaji’s care when she was around 5 years old after her mother’s death. Sadhna delivers a girl named Khushi.

Shivani is happy, thinking that her first plan to separate Ragini and Anmol is turning successful. Ragini regains consciousness and wishes to see Sadhana.

Culoarea Fericirii — Episodul 1 Bidaai — Episode 1 |

Retrieved 10 January Alekh decides to marry Sakshi, giving her child his name, and clarifies that although he will probably never love Sakshi as much as Sadhna, he will keep her and her child happy. Sakshi is furious to see Tarun befriending Khushi and Tamanna. Sharmaji says that one day, the stories of Khushi and Tammy’s lives may also be presented to the viewer, in the same way we were presented with the beautiful story of Ragini and Sadhna.


Bidaai named Culoarea fericirii in Romania premiered on 7 Novemberon National TV and it air’s every day from Sakshi is shocked to meet Tarun at the hospital.

Sadhana again gets caught in a bomb blast when she tries to save a little girl. Khan won his eighth Filmfare Award for Best Actor for his portrayal, thereby fericirji Dilip Kumar as the record holder in this category. Retrieved 2 April Everyone is happy with Alekh and Anmol’s marriage.

In the last scene, Prakashchand Sharma thanks the viewers for being with Bidaai always, since the past 3 years, through thick and thin. Filming commenced in December in Los Angeles and ended in October Total Wipeout — Host Awards and nominations Main article: Meanwhile Ragini hears about the bombs in the mandir where Sadhna is and goes into labour.

My Name Is Khan”. He won the Sword of Honour, an annual award given to the student who fericirrii represents the spirit of the school. Ragini then miscarries by falling down the stairs. On his death bed Ranvir convinces both Episoduk and Ragini to get married.

Another book by Anupama Chopra, King of Bollywood: Notify user via Email. Inhe preformed in the Asha Bhosle’s: