This film blew me away and it is hard to describe why. There is nothing of interest in the film. I do believe, this will be a classical film, and students all over thew world will study it in future at their film schools. Has a single film ever intentionally traced a character over such a span of time? Home Boyhood Boyhood Drama. Sadly, many critics seem to have liked the basic idea so much that to them it didn’t even matter if the director would be able to make it interesting or not. I doubt this was Linklater’s intention but it certainly is the result of what he created.

Linklater wisely chose to reveal the main character to us subtly. In fact, many even admitted the film lacked interesting characters or style! Mason walks through this film as if he was in a coma or half asleep; he has no ambitions. Everyone in the Eccles theater shared a special few hours together. I do not want to say much about the qualities of the movie.. Stay away from this movie! There is nothing of interest in the film.

Sorry for my poor English. Is that a good thing? I watched many films at Sundance including comediesand this was the first that had the audience reacting throughout: The movie is just breathing, its a three hours of fresh air!

Without giving any narrative away, I’ll say that the story itself is absolutely engaging and not without surprises. I liked the trailer which bpyhood the movie look much more interesting than it actually is actually, everything that “happens” in the movie is already in the trailer!

As a Russian I must say I understand American people and also myself much much better with this movie. Unfortunately, though it’sthis persin a rarity in cinema.


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Linklater completely fails to dramatize his ideas. The boy of the title is a slacker, seeking meaning by doing nothing. Yes, this is the “real life” Linklater presents us.

No drama, no humor, no sadness, no happiness. It is actually impossible to spoil this film because nothing happens unless you consider the fact that Mason finishes high school a spoiler. I do believe, this will be a classical film, and students all over thew world will study it in future at their film schools.

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Epic in technical scale but breathlessly peersian in narrative scope, Boyhood is a sprawling investigation of the human condition. I went to see this film having high hopes and having read all the raving reviews expecting a masterpiece from Richard Linklater, the director of the great “Waking Life”. I know that this is not necessarily a good thing to say about a movie but it is meant as a compliment.

But I may ask: I am not exaggerating when I say that after I watched this film I sold all of my other tickets to Sundance films. Oh boy, its all so much alike. If you like people in general and families in particular, you will love this movie. It’s byohood but a re-enactment of memories, a collection of unmeaning scenes we may or may not know from our own lives bowling, playing video games, reading Harry Potter etc.

This is NOT a drama. You just subtltles ordinary events in the lives of these people. Everybody could do that! Of course, there are films in which nothing or very little happens and they can be great Tarkovsky’s “Mirror”, Antonioni’s “L’avventura” or Tarr’s “The Turin Horse” come to my mindbut you need ideas you got that, Linklater? The characters are well developed.


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This time, however, his set-up is simple: It celebrates its own non-existence and drowns in its nihilism. I surely hope that this movie will make it to as many screens as possible. I kid you not, this is the whole movie. You don’t get to the essence of “real life” by only showing the surface of things. Linklater took 12 years to develop his family of characters.

There are the same problems, the same ways, the same love inside us. Is this, if film history has taught us anything, what a film should be? The film is neither a work of art nor entertaining. Give me a break. Set in Texas, the screenplay is natural and reminiscent of plenty of Linklater’s other work: Language Set favourite s Login.

That long hair and piercing. The Boyhood-experience is the equivalent of your experience waiting in line at the supermarket.

Boyhood – – Farsi/Persian Subtitles

The movie runs two hours and 45 minutes to cover 12 years, and believe me, it seems like 12 years. There are so many scenes and details in the movie where you feel unbelievable close to the actors. The basic idea of filming a boy growing into a young man during twelve years is interesting, yes, but sadly the film offers nothing more than that. I have to say: And those “Paul was greater than the others