He and Drago trained secretly to try to control Drago’s new powers but it is proving a challenge. When Keith asks how Alice found, she replied that Lync must have left it for her, but sadly adds that he may not be alive. Now knowing that the Vexos know where they are, they can no longer hide and wait. Keith blows a hole in the Alternative and he and Mira enter the machine. Mira, Ace, and Baron decide to return to their world to prevent the Vexos from ever returning to New Vestroia and enslaving the Bakugan again. He loves battling with his longtime Pyrus partner Dragonoid.

Nobita’s New Great Adventure into the Un With their combined efforts, they manage to drive Mylene away, right after she says she will return with the rest of the Vexos for the Darkus Energy. Before he can, the massive overload causes Altair to crash and shut down, ending the battle. While the others hold off the guards, Dan makes his way to the controller, finding that it is guarded by lasers. Marucho seems to be doing well with his new trap, Tripod Epsilon but when Volt pulls out his mechanical trap, Dynamo, things get rough and Marucho is defeated and sunken in quicksand. As the battle wages on, Baron is defeated defending Drago, who taps into the power of the Perfect Core, defeating Mylene and Shadow easily as well as destroying the dimension controller.

Bakugan New Vestroia episode Drago vs Helios AMV

Cartoon Network, an American television station also premiered the series on February 24, Freedom Run Episode Top Pyrus Bakugan Brawler and I’m here to help ndw friends. Clay to give them an escape off of New Vestroia, as episose energy from the battle between Cyber Helios and Drago could destroy everything around them.

Battle Planet season 1. After finishing cooking, Alice heads to find her grandfather and sees the results of Lync’s battle with Hydron as well and finds his glove with the memory card. When Master Ingram and Hylash have trouble against Lync’s new mechanical bakugan, Shun is forced to call on Skyress for help. Shun encounters Volt vestroja as a samurai and a battle ensues. But CyberHelios wants to continue fighting, even if the battle is over.

He returns to New Vestroia, greeted happily by everyone excluding Spectra and Helios. Mira questions Spectra on their terms of partnership, but Spectra declares he works alone.


Bakugan: New Vestroia Episode 25

King Zenoheld agrees to pit the blame on Mira’s dad. Mira, Baron and Runo worry about Dan being out on his own. Spectra uses the power of many forbidden cards to access Drago’s Perfect Core abilities, but it puts Drago under mounds of stress. As Volt sinks into the episodd, he vows that Hydron will get what’s ccountdown to him for all the suffering he has caused innocent people.

The anime was later licensed for English language distribution in North America by Bandai Entertainment. As the testing goes underway, with Marucho not doing so well, Mylene flies over, and in fury, Elfin and Marucho demand she and the Vexos return the stolen Bakugan.

So Gus decides to take matters in his own hands and confront the Resistance, and bring pride back to the Vexos. Meanwhile, Marucho slowly awakens, despaired that Elfin was gone. That night, Spectra invites Mira to dinner where he asks her to join him because he needs her and cannot accomplish his goal without her. Marucho manages to defeat Shadow and he, Shun and Ace decide to take out the Beta city controller to pass the time.

All of a sudden, Dr. She takes Spectra and Gus and Dan back to the lab where Dr. The five original Bakugan that helped restore order to New Vestroia have been captured, Drago is now being targeted, and a group of humans countdoen as the Vexos are taking over New Vestroia.

All of a sudden, Apollonir shows up and to retrieve Drago, but Dan regrets to inform him that he lost Drago. Spectra returns to his ship and leaves, but not before Helios declares his continuing rivalry with Drago.

The two Bakugan face each other, preparing for the final battle.

Dan and the Bakugan Brawlers try to chill out while they’re trapped on Earth, unable to help their friends. After Marucho is “purposely” disqualified in the singles round, he sneaks the others in. Gundalian Invaders episodes Bakugan: Though Hydron quickly gains the upper hand, he is no match for Zenoheld’s Assail Farbos.

Later at night, Ace, Shun and Marucho hear the voices of Mira and Dan respectively and head out into the night, but it turns out that Shadow is the one making the fake voices. Then, they are approached by a boy from Gundalia named Ren Krawler who asks them if they’re the Brawlers. The Resistance are saddened to hear that Tigrerra and Gorem do not wish to participate on the assault of the palace due to the fact that they know their limitations which are lower than the rest of the team and it would irresponsibly put Runo and Julie in danger.


Spectra finally sends out Drago, but Dan is very shocked to witness his best and closest friend has been altered in appearance while under Spectra’s control. Shun is defeated by Shadow and passes out. Baron, Mira and Ace decided to stay on Earth to train and head to Dan’s house for dinner.

Mira is uncertain of her brother’s intentions while in Gamma City.

Everyone is eager to test out the machine, except for Shun, saying he has something important to take care of.

She reveals that after discovering this for herself, and becoming outraged with her father for participating in the capturing of the Bakugan, she ran off and created the Bakugan Brawlers Resistance, joining with people who thought the same as she did. As Gus prepares the ship for the transport, Spectra thanks Dan for enlightening him, and refers to him as ‘my friend’. Highly embarrassed, Dan yells at Drago to never speak of this again. In the first round Dan takes a major loss, but manages to strike vestroix with Countdkwn Scorpion.

Hydron sends Mylene to deal with the resistance in Spectra’s absence and states to himself that, when he returns, Spectra will find that the Vexos have a new leader. But Mira suggests that they spend one last day for Dan to say goodbye to his parents.

He and Drago trained secretly to try to control Rinal new powers but it is proving a challenge. Meanwhile on New Vestroia, Mylene wants to close to portal to keep Dan and the others on Earth, but Prince Hydron orders her not to, so as to allow Spectra and Gus time to return, which angers Mylene, who greatly enjoys her new power.

She tries to release them.