Siamak Rahimi 84 8. I think your problem may be caused by the same reason. The problem is that i’m unable to add shockwave flash object to windows form in word On one of the pages, I wish to display content from another web server. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. On one of the pages, I wish to display content from another web server.

I followed the steps provided in this answer, but doing this led me to an error, saying that “Flash I have the basics. How to add custom attribute to Shockwave Flash Object? Then I can load a new movie and play it correctly. Friday, January 16, How to set the start position for a video using AxShockwaveFlash revised Revised question with added detail I have added the shockwave com object into my vb. There’s just a black box and

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Opening a flash file on a different form Ok so I made two programs. Azam Alvi 3, 5 43 Shockwave Object in WinForm loads only once I’m building a C wrapper for a flash application that opens a socket with a server. I searched many websites and ended up with a few answers, but they don’t work with axShockwaveFlash.

Taking next item in a listbox youtube videos in c Just a quick question. The reason is I cannot find a correct video link on youtube web site. The output only gives me the I am unlikely to reply to anything that does not contain offers of cash, fame or marriage!


SWF file in windows forms as below, I noticed that it doesn’t mobie any relative paths. The other web server is some proprietary How to find total frame and current frame of a swf when playing in wpf web browser? C 9, 2 26 Hi sam, Add this line of code “axFlash. C 9, 2 26 Windows Forms Designer https: Play ; here is an example in VB http: I will be creating a website using a 3rd party CRM such as Concrete5. Siamak Rahimi 84 8. Until loxded 26th of december this worked perfectly.

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Michael Minton 3, 2 15 Is it only SWF? How to add custom attribute to Shockwave Flash Object?

This axshockwavefkash on my wpf user control inside a WindowsFormsHost. Adobe flash player is not clearing recorded data in IE Steps to reproduce: I’ve made a good research so far and got nothing. Have you tried loading an “empty” flash video before loading your new video? Now we need to test an live stream service, but I don’t know how to do that. MouseMove events associated with it. The perfect one would be to stop the movie that is playing when you click the buttons.


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Then code in this into a button: I followed the steps provided in this answer, but doing this led mvie to an error, saying that “Flash Monday, August 23, Interacting with axSockwavePlayer playing a youtube video in Winforms c? The only thing i want to do is when i click the buttons, to play the video for each one, inside the axShockwaveFlash tool.

Program one opens a flash file in a different from after a user clicks on a listview item. Non of them can be played correctly in axShockwaveFlash control. Please inform me your test result as soon as possible. Is it only SWF? Error trying to run: When I load another movie, Axshockdaveflash create a new instance of AxShockwaveFlashObjects, remove the previous one from the form and add this new one to the form.

Can I manage the sound of the flash playing in AxShockwaveFlash?