This discussion is so that we do not get the Seasons Mighty Eagle Requests mixed up with the other apps. Anyone knows anything about this issue? Channel Catalog Subsection Catalog. If you’re interested in supporting AngryBirdsNest or RocketPond please contact us or check out our advertising rates. I have a strong suspicion that it does count in some of the platforms. Please note that rooting my devices is not an option. So it is possible that one Nester is nominated for more than one avatar.

Watch the pigs eyes and their movement in the boxes and sometimes one can tell if the structure will fall. Embed this content in your HTML. K; Horizontal stone on top of left boulder shifts to left; tower may fall to right, killing 1 to 7 pigs; sometimes impossible to finish level. Please note that rooting my devices is not an option. Distance between carts UL decreases faster after 1st explosion. Is anyone else having this problem? Didn’t expect me changing my avatar to match the black day my beloved Angry Birds Seasons was mutilated with the Power Ups to be such an influence, but it did.

Any ideas on rules for the tournament?

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Browse the Latest Snapshot. This way we will know precisely which avatar you want to nominate a lot of Nesters hslls different avatars on the main site and forum.

I’ve played at least one level for each game. A nominated avatar needs to be in use at the time of the nomination.


Basically, I am wrecl to make sure I get all my Santa Hat scores in. Partial; 7 – 13K or even 60K may have changed to lower destruction?

Any of you done something similar? Tower falls on the right, very rare ABO The higher it goes, the more damage caused! Post your awesome ideas here! Browsing All Articles Articles. Just like Angry Birds Backup from Sergio Patricio, the added option of backing up files to your Dropbox account or another cloud service would be a requirement as the Nexus does not have an SD card. In December the voting starts and wgeck Nester can vote for their 3 favorite Nominees. I am courious – What does your nickname mean?

Click on the avatars to see a larger version. Right pig falls in the swimmingpool ABO The buggy will occasionally either fall off the platform hallss turn upside-down. And of course we are always open 1-244 opinions and ideas!!

Angry Birds Seasons 2012 – Wreck the Halls 1-25

Any help would be much appreciated. As you can see there are some missing, and as I am typing this I am wondering if I need to complete all levels? If an avatar is already nominated it will be of no angr to nominate it again, just save that thought for the voting in December and choose another one to nominate. Launch the first bb into the glass blocks.

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Mistery of World 14 total score. What sounds do each of the birds make when they launch, hit etc.? Can also be exploited as an unstable structure; see comments in walkthrough.


I have now verified similar behavior on iPad. Wrecj Birds Bird sounds.

Due to all the love from you all regarding me becoming an Admin, I feel the need to show my spirit has been lifted and I want to welcome the Spring, where new things start to grow and become wonderful things, like this new adventure as an admin I am taking!

Description of shots required to cause instability also needed. Since a few days my rank on the games page and my rank for the Boba Fett missions says “not ranked”, but if I go to the leaderboards the “total score” rank is still thr. Is there an Angry Birds backup app that works on Seaspns Bean?

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It could be fired high up, then tapped to ignite it and bring it crashing down onto the structure. Right stone tower drops angfy on right side. Two top scores down in less than an hour.

Please sezsons to list of Self-Destroying and Unstable Levels. Next lob the Yellow bird to take out the ice block holding up the big pile of stones. ABS Wreck the Halls