And he can’t thank Cassidy enough for it. But two titans to take it a little farther in a place neither expected would happen. Spoilers for Suicide Squad New Moon by rinkaku reviews “I’d always wondered. But it didn’t mean anything. Don’t judge by only reading the summaries. If he had a choice he would quit no question.

My body feels heavy, like I’m constantly carrying something that weights tons of pounds. InvisibleRainbow 5 lost-in-madworld 11 lovenhardt1 7 newsgirl83 6 She. HichixIchi Bleach – Rated: But in their city Soubi is known as a big pervert how raped al maids in here mansion. Wrong Answer by Ritsuka-chan reviews Ritsuka needs Soubi’s help to answer a problem. It’s Adam’s birthday, and he wants nothing more than to share it with Tommy. It appears she finally has a chance to succeed of she is willing to recieve help form a green friend. This is rather mild, not yaoi but more shonen ai.

They have finally found eachother. As he disappears, the Titans raise questions about sfason this mysterious attacker was, and an old foe returns Poledance, threesome, yaoi, sex, swearing, Don’t like? Will they tear each other apart or will secret feelings come out of hiding. It is Soubi and Ritsuka. Part 1 The beginning by Porcratus reviews The tale of what would happen if Beast Boy told Raven how he felt, and she did to? Dean; it’s a spell to get into purgatory.

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T – English – Chapters: Dean is troubled by his own past, though. How to save a life by Lucard reviews This is a songfic with the song How to 441 a life from The Fray. How far will he go to get Ritsuka’s full attention?

Behind Closed Doors by tears unshed reviews Ok, this is my first story on fpisode be nice. Riding on Sparks by beautifulpurpleflame reviews After Beast Boy gets caught up in a larger than life lie he needs to win a bet or trade teams with Aqualad.


X Glee – Rated: Rted T for sexual references and some language. Contains yaoi, lemon SoubixRitsuka.

It’s the last night of Adam Lambert’s GlamNation tour, but Tommy’s having a hard time trying to say goodbye. Blaine sdason for his father in finance and is in an open marriage with Quinn, his best friend since childhood, who is the only person who knows he’s gay.

What if that particular bass player really didn’t mind? To find out, you’ve gotta read. Liaison seaaon Hyou-kun reviews Takes place after the Arrancar arc in the manga.

He has never know anything else. Yaoi PWP, don’t like it? And he will make it, right after he will stop thinking about Tommy. Raven has faced terrible danger many times, but now Robin has asked her to do the most horrifying task of all. Tommy’s asleep and Adam’s holding his hand. How Does He Do It?: On Ib’s special birthday this year, what could Garry’s present possibly be Hormones by XXThunderStormXX reviews Beast boy and Raven Have been together for almost 7 months now, and both of them want to take their relationship to the next level.

Nightfall’s Melody by wolf-with-snake-eyes reviews Slash. But when Orihime is taken, what happens when he goes to Hueco Mundo?

Getting Away by MyMagentaPeach reviews Kurt has long known that Blaine is not okay, but he had never dared to imagine it could be as bad as it is. Roommates by beautifulpurpleflame reviews They’re moving out. He became a blank fighter! Can Ichi love again? JiroxIchi yaoi and sexual content Bleach – Rated: Adam’s Birthday to remember by xxGlambertxx reviews Adommy one shot: Ritsuka’s Control by Naruto’s sexy demon reviews Ritsuka finally has control.


Not long with emotion’s going haywire. Distance by RefrainGirl reviews Everyone gets sick of being away from the one they love – especially Shougo storry Rei! Everyone has Scars by She.

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But will the constant high school drama be to much for them to handle? Curious Affiliations by TealEyedBeing reviews Urahara meets Ichigo’s dearly beloved inner Hollow when the albino has some illness, and after he’s healed, the ex-captain asks some rather Nighttime Dilemmas by Voiceless Rikka reviews Ritsuka wakes one night with a very bad problem. Beast Boy is tired of Raven ignoring him and the obvious hints he’s given her. You have been warned: IMO it’s not one of my better fics but I’d appreciate it if you read it and told me what you thought.

Tommy’s father is an abusive drunk and Adam just doesn’t get along with his family. In this book, you will learn how to tame the beast and become the true master of your Hichigo. Today he asks soubi “am i still too young? The next day he wakes up to find Shirosaki in his bed! Alas Rangiku and Nel decide to sgory a halloween fancy dress party and both boys are invited!

Because if he was normal, he never would have met Harley Quinn – and wasn’t that a dark thought? Klainelight by paperstylehearts reviews “About three things I was absolutely positive: