While for the moment the Foundation is focusing its efforts in Bohol, it hopes eventually to link up with groups similarly engaged in nature conservancy elsewhere in the Philippines, with whom it may jointly develop projects toward protecting the tarsier, other endangered, protected and rare fauna and flora species, and their natural habitats. At Circa, we track breaking news from all over the world – but we publish only what we can confirm. Drop-off point is at J. To get email and text alerts about aftershocks, go here: As outlined in the previous chapter, in many instances, people may try to be helpful by reposting images they have seen elsewhere. Newsroom coach Rosalie Stemer adds a second question that illustrates the multilayered process of verification and the ethic of persistence and resourcefulness that verification demands: The entire area is an insect paradise, teeming with the creatures that are a staple of the diet of the Philippine tarsier, which will only ingest them live.

A storm capsizes a wooden-hulled ferry off the Coast of Palawan Island, killing at least seven. Pages using infobox organization with unknown p Member feedback about Aklanon language: The video itself was uploaded to a YouTube account with no giveaway details and an obscure username, NekoAngel3Wolf. No wonder the World Economic Forum has bumped us up 20 places in their competitive indices over the past two years. The handover includes the telco company’s required licenses, interconnection trunks, subscribers and employees. The can do this by exerci sing rights which do not need to be approved by any private or government body, but which, if adopted by thousands of a lert, informed passengers, can increase comfort and safety for all.

Member feedback about Carlo Katigbak: Municipalities of Bohol Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

Batangas Varsitarian

Caraga topic Caraga, officially known as actuxl Caraga Administrative Region[2] or simply Caraga Region and designated as Region XIII, is an administrative region in the Philippines occupying the northeastern section of the island of Mindanao.

It did fluster the Mediapolis star and was the turning point of the game, but it happened only once.

More technical people can use video editing software like the free VLC media player or the free Avidemux video editor, or the licensed Vegas Pro editor to split a video into its constituent frames if you have doubts over its construction.

Sonion sets up facility in Batangas, aabs hire workers.

Confirming the source The ultimate goal when attempting to verify UGC is to identify the original uploader and get in touch with them. Five people were killed when a fishing port collapsed in Cebu city, across the strait from Bohol, officials said. They are also able to offer online counseling for child-family relationships[3] and assist victims of child sexual exploitation. Retrieved 17 Nrws On personal profiles, the tick appears on the cover photo.


Background Initially, Chicken Pork Adobo has 90 content creators whose channels on YouTube tackle a variety of topics ranging from toys and games, fashion, comedy, music, lifestyle, vlogs, entertainment, newws and crafts, food, parenting, and inspirational.

He also insists the animal had the capacity to simply stop breathing a more debatable proposition. Epicentre of the quake is in Bohol Island where at least 57 have been killed. These changes offer great benefits in our newsgathering processes, particularly on breaking news; they also bring great challenges.

Member feedback about Maitum, Sarangani: It is one of the thirty-four 34 towns of the Province of Ilocos Sur, the legal basis of its creation is the Maura Law of and, thus, was constituted as a separate political subdivision during the American Regime.

These credible sources below helped confirm the event. Residents inspect a car after a concrete block fell on it during an earthquake in Cebu city. That earthquake in India? It goes in our body easily through an open wound, mouth and open mucous membranes — such as our eyes. The fence is actually more newz keeping the cats out and the insects in, Pizarras explained. The earthquake was centered about 32 miles underground near the small town of Carmen, on the island of Bohol, and struck at 8: One of the Augustinian friars, Rev.

Since that day inthe UGC team has developed a satch of approaches to help in this process. A first point to understand about verifying user-generated video is that it spreads across social media in regionss way that makes the version you first see unlikely to be the original.

Verification handbook

When a piece of information could not be verified with a sufficient degree of certainty, the report was sent back to an electoral monitor or a reporter on the ground for real-time, in-person verification. Mae of Natura Vista resort in Bohol who is offering free beelfry packages to those who donate to earthquake relief. It is one of the eight cloud rats found only in the Philippines, and is specifically endemic to Dinagat Island.

Designed collapsse architect Carlos A. Much of the content in Hero is attributed to the fact that Creative Programs Inc’s parent company ABS-CBN through its main network has produced numerous dubs of anime years before the la Also in that year, Bago Bantay made a relocation area for squatters from Sampaloc to Intramuros, Manila.

He also urged the local government of Bohol to revise its land use policy around the fault. Parilla is the elected mayor of the town since ; —presentwith Floro Jose P. For the most part, I view the information the same way I would something I heard over a police scanner. It is named after the jeepney, an automotive vehicle that has been widely used as a mode of transportation nelfry the Philippines since World War II.


Bantay’s reserved forests and farms make it home to a diverse range of plants, animals, and river creatures. Member feedback about Kataw Philippine mythology: The entire area is an insect paradise, teeming with the creatures that are a staple of the diet of the Philippine tarsier, which will only ingest them live.

Alfredo Verzosa Parish Priest, caused the transfer of the festivity to May 5 every year. The acquisition of Dream was reported to have reached an advanced stage but for some undisclosed reasons, the deal was not sealed.

Philippine Tarsier Foundation

For example, we examined other social media accounts, mentions by media articles, information about university, affiliations, etc. In many cases, and especially in emergency situations, we are increasingly presented with an abundance of official sources and can find firsthand sources, the people who actually saw – or even participated – in the events in question.

As with Twitter, Facebook manages the verification program, and decides which verification requests to accept. Traditional values of investigation apply, but a new skillset is required for media such as video. Telling the good from the bad suddenly shot up the editorial agenda. However, beyond that, the elongated STR in combination with the lower-level northeasterly surge will contribute in pushing the system on a more westward track into Southern Luzon,” it said.

A Bestiary of Filipino Fairies. Journalists have a new responsibility – to quickly gather, verify and ascertain the usage rights of UGC. But ship travel can be made safer– merely through a change in attitude by passeng ers themselves. Destiny Cable is the 2nd largest cable TV provider in the Philippines.

When speaking to the source, be sure to ask about some of the information you came across. Some communities on the islands of Samar and Leyte are at risk of storm surge up to 4 meters 13 feet according to the alerts, equivalent to the height of a one-story home. Corella, officially the Municipality of Corella, Cebuano: He added rain is a ndws factor in reducing the population of the pests.